Monday, July 18, 2011

Motivate Me Mondays

So I'm late in the day on posting this week's edition of Motivate Me Monday, but there's a reason why.  I was tired of putting 'cleaning' on my list so I'd do it at some point through the week, and so today, I just did it.  :)

So the entire house was cleaned from top to bottom this morning.  Ahhh, doesn't that feel good!  (I must say, there was a much greater feeling of satisfaction when cleaning A) Didn't take me as long,  B) When I knew I could sit down and enjoy it afterwords, and C.) When it stayed that way for any period of time.  With toys out and the dog dragging his food around everywhere, I resent the fact that I spent 3 1/2 hours cleaning just for dog food to be strewn about.  Ok, I really don't mind the toys so much.) 

Anyway, I've crossed 4 different things off of today's to do list... so let's get one created for the week :)

  1. I have one Scentsy party that needs to be closed this week. 
  2. I'm getting that desk painted!!! (If I can brave what is supposed to be between 110 - 120 degree heat indexes again... phew.)
  3. I'm working on some girls things for the youth ministry.
  4. And lastly - this is a 'for me' addition - I have like 3 books waiting for me to read them.  I'm at least finishing ONE!  
So there ya have it.  Let's see how I do!


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