Sunday, July 10, 2011

ARGH - Another Shot

So if you can permanently screw up potty training, we may have done it.  Just recently I had heard that if you try a kid too early, it may make it harder for he / she to learn later on, and well, we may have done that. 

I thought it possible that I could be one of (apparently the minority) the lucky ones who could have their boy potty trained just after turning two.  (One month after turning two to be exact.)  The fact that he had thrown poop around his room did, of course, help make the decision to go ahead and give it a whirl easier. 

Long story short, it was a whole unsuccessful day, concluded with one very successful trip to the potty, and then the whole next day fell apart.  We gave up and chalked it up to being too young. 

And that was in December. 

We've tried... hmmm... at least twice since then, to no avail. 

And this week marks try number, well, I guess, four.  And, oh buddy, are we going to try. 

I have the necessities (m&ms: check.  potty chart equipped with stickers: check.  big boy and little boy potty: check.  big boy underwear in all of his favorite characters: check!), now I just need the patience, and maybe more than that, the perseverance. 

If the past times have been any inclination, I may be cleaning lots of pee, ahem, and other substance out of underwear and carpet for the next couple of days...

I can do this.  I can do this.  Maybe I should stick him in his Thomas underwear... it'll remind me of the little engine that could.

Prayers will be appreciated.  This is obviously a big change in the Gregg household if he's successful, and if he's not successful, well that's just frustrating... we can do this... we can do this...


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  1. Awww, hang in there! My Q sorta just potty trained himself. I mean, it probably helps we let him run around naked most of the time...I only say that half joking, because really, the kid prefers to not wear any pantaloons. And I did clean up poop in some pretttttty interesting places before he got the hang of it. But, it'll come!