Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Tree

What a day to tell you about it, too.  Good golly - if there's a day to (a. say 'good golly') think about the things in which we should be thankful, today was the day for me.

{warning - short rant - just move on if you are trying to avoid Debbie Downers in your life} Ans is sick - seems like a viscous cycle between her, B and myself... sometimes overlapping, of course.  Last time there was snottiness with the two of them it was definitely allergies... now I'm thinking her's is definitely a head cold, and the day has been... trying and tiring to say the least.  Lots of crying from a baby who doesn't cry.  I'm tired, exhausted, and frustrated.  OH - and the time change makes it all the better!  (Can you sense my sarcasm, hardy har har.)

Anyway - today's a good day to tell you about our Thanksgiving Tree:

 It's another little pinterest find that sparked my - ahem - interest.  Being a {creative} writer (though I don't showcase that much on here anymore), I love the metaphor behind it.  A bunch of dead sticks in a vase don't do much for the eye, but we, as a family, are spending the days of November adding leaves to these dead sticks, written on the back, the thing that we were most thankful for that day.

 When it's all said and done I hope we have a tree blooming in this here dining room, overflowing with thankful thoughts and recognition of the many blessings we have.

 And you know what I wrote on today's leaf?  Today - on a day of lots and lots of tears (confession: from me and her) I had to remind myself time and time again, "I'd wipe this little nose all of the days of my life to have it here to wipe."  So I wrote on that there leaf, "wiping little noses."  Even though I'd rather them not need to be wiped, I'm so thankful God's given them to me to do so.