Saturday, November 12, 2011

Death, Where's Your Sting

I have such mixed emotions and lack of understanding regarding death, even as a Christian.  Though I'm not afraid to die, and I know where my eternity lies, I'd be lying if I told you I was ready to go at this moment. 

I even have a hard time understanding those - even after great pain and an exhausting lifetime - who are ready to go towards the end of their lives.  I pray God gives me that peace at that time. 

And so the 'death, where's your sting,' idea I get.  I get it from the perspective of a Christian who believes that it's not over, and where we are going is better than where we have been.  However, the hard part for me is the sting that is felt by a world lived minus a loved one.  It's seeing the pain of those left behind.  It's the unknown of the unknown... ya know? 

Maybe I'm strange. 

But when someone I know and care for is near that time in their own lives, it makes me re-examine death all over again. 

As I write I have a loved one who is reaching nearer and nearer to death.  Reaching nearer and nearer to seeing the face of his creator and his sustainer.  And the rest of the family is reaching nearer and nearer to what does sting. 

Please say a prayer for my dad, who may be nearing the moment of telling his own father 'good-bye.'  I'm so not ready for that day - but then, how are we ever?



  1. Having just gone through this with my Grandpa, I can completely relate. I don't understand death, or claim to. I think for those who know it's coming (as in those who are elderly, or sick, etc...) God has to do a work of peace in their hearts. That in turn transfers to those who are arround them (if they have proper understanding). It's life that is taken before it is meant to that I don't understand. "meant to" being a relative term, because really, we might not think it's our time but God might have other intentions.

    The mere fact that we are but a vapor serves only to remind us to be instant, in and out of season. Because really? We never know when it will be our time. I'd rather live in peace knowing that the unknown is already taken care of for me.

    That being all said, I will pray for you. It's been really rough seeing my Mom go through what she's gone through...

  2. Thanks girl - you articulate it well. And I'm totally with you on the 'before it's meant to" idea. God knows ultimately when our time is.

    I'm worried about my dad. He's going to have a rough go... and being that he's had his own health issues, I'm praying it doesn't effect him right now. Thanks for the prayers. They are coveted.