Monday, November 21, 2011

How About Some Randomness

I've stunk at blogging lately.  I'll be honest, I've been too emotionally spent everywhere else to have much 'left over' to put on paper, er, computer screen.  So - rather than be super uber serious for today's blog, I (with inspiration from Flower Mama) decided a random blog may keep me from raining on all of your Happy Thanksgiving parades.

Speaking of Thanksgiving (and parades) - can I tell you that since for as long as I can remember I've faithfully watched the Macy's day parade on Thanksgiving morning?  It's more necessary than football, folks, I'm telling you.  One day, I will take my children (and my wonderfully obliging husband) to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. 

This year, though, we're settling for a little Thanksgiving meal in our temporary place, away from all of our family (and a lot of our friends).  Because of hubs' job, we haven't always been able to be with loved ones on 'the days' of holidays, but we always got to have holidays with family.  So this year will be, unusual.  I'll be honest, the hubs and the kids saves it... in fact, B saves it.  He can be rotten sometimes, but by golly, I'm watching him enjoy things like he's never been fully capable of before, and I love love it.  

Speaking of - we watched The Polar Express today.  It was actually my first time watching it too (well, that wasn't in a squished in hallway of 100 kindergartners during crummy weather, but that's another story).  It was marvelous.  Wonderful even.  And he sat through the entire thing.  He loves trains.  We're taking him on a 'polar express' ride this year at a nearby town.  I'm so stoked about it now I can't hardly contain myself. 

Back to the weather - that's going to be an adjustment.  You know what I love about this time of year?  (Be prepared... I may not be the norm.)  I love rainy, drizzly days.  I love that it gets darker sooner.  I love seeing Christmas lights through a light snow or even a drizzly rain.  I love the feel of walking into a warm house.  I love big sweaters and peacoats.  I love snowboots.  For real.  (Now, get me past January 1st and let's just move on to spring, but right now, I want the drizzly romance of winter.)  Yeah, the drizzly romance.  Oh - did I mention (aside from today) it's been like 60's or 70's and sunny?  Just thought I'd throw that out there.  I'm sure the 'nice' weather will have it's place.

So -  may as well mention it now - grandfather is still back and forth.  Not sure how much my family wants made 'public', but I'm worn out (and I'm not even there.)  I'm worn out in praying.  I'm worn out in phone calls.  I'm worn out thinking that he must be suffering.  I'm worn out searching plane tickets and worn out re-planning.  Mostly - I'm worn out in worry.  I know that the circumstances are putting stress on the family, and I worry about the health of my own parents.  Granted, circumstances can't be any different at the moment... but it seems like we are continually wondering 'will he make it, or will he not...'  And that, friends, is exhausting.

On a completely other note:  we have finally started looking in homes.  Real homes... homes that could be 'ours.'  And of course I fell in love with the first one.  It's wonderful: 3 bed, 2 bath, a study (playroom / guestroom), large living, dining, kitchen area that is all open concept, huge back yard, master bedroom with a master bath with a separate tub and shower and GI-STINKING-NORMOUS walk in closet.  Oh - and it's 5 years old and looks BRAND NEW.  I'm not excited.  I promise.  Problem?  Still waiting on our house up north to close... gotta get on that. 

So - there is still life happening here in the house, I'll keep you posted as I have energy for it! 


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  1. I think Q would love Polar Express, I haven't seen it in forever! Good luck with the house selling stuff, can't wait to see what you find!