Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello, Transparent Revelation!

I'll admit - I had another blog planned for the day.  Another blog that got pushed back and pushed back and pushed back, in every sense of the word.  It's Bryton's birthday blog.  I know, right?  I'm already a week late.  And it was on today's agenda, but you know what, the internet is moving warp snail and I'd really like to give you some pics of little man in the blog... so it will have to wait, again. 

BUT - that doesn't mean I've got nothing to say.  (Do you know me at all?  I always have something to say!)  No - I've been mulling around and chewing on this thought since yesterday evening, and now, I've gotta put it out there for ya'll to chew on with me.  Let's chew and digest, shall we?

So we've been tackling a John Piper favorite, Don't Waste Your Life, during small group.  A 'read' I've already read, but is worthy of re-reading.  (Lots of re-re's in that sentence.  Phew.)  And something switched on for me last night that I'd never really thought about before... until now.

Piper here is talking, quite obviously, about 'going' - or missions - and puts something out there that not many mission minded individuals will put out (and trust me, Piper is 'mission minded' - by his own definition, crossing cultural bounds to share the gospel).

This spoke in so many ways to me:

"Let no one who is devoted to local ministry or to crucial secular engagement take offense at this plea.  Rather, rejoice!  You are free to stay, or free to go.  Many of you must stay.  You're staying is crucial for God's purposes where you are, and it is crucial for his purposes where you are not, but where others may go." (emphasis added)

And the big neon sign says: "It's not about you!"  Sometimes - He needs us to not be there (wherever 'there' may be for you... I'd argue that it is wherever you are not currently, assuming you have been obedient to God's call on your life.)

The really transparent side of me says this:  If I packed today and moved to India, it would directly effect The Mount, as that is where I have currently been called.  The big kicker - if we wouldn't have left our old town in Illinois, we'd be hindering the ministry God wanted to do there.  It's not about us... it's not about me. 

God uses our presence. 

And He uses our lack thereof. 

Sometimes - it's time - and best - for everyone involved - to. move. on.  (And, sometimes, to stay.)

And HE is the one who makes that call. 

Because it's not about us. 

It makes me wanna sing "DO I stay or do I go now?? IF I stay there could be trouble..." LOL. 
Heavy posts have to have a little humor.

But, seriously, where does God have you - or where does He want you?  Or - let's add the question, "where doesn't He want you?"

Just chewin' over here.  Just chewin'...



  1. I was wondering why you weren't showing up in my reader anymore, and you changed your blog address! I think I have to unfollow and then refollow and it'll fix that. ANYWHO. Loved this post, it really isn't about us, is it?

  2. lol I'm glad you found me. Amateur blogger mistake. Much to my dismay all of my blog list disappeared when I did it, too! Haha. And you're right, it's not!