Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scentsy Black Friday Presale / Preview

Alright folks, not much Scentsy talk here, but this seemed like a good way to get Scentsy promotions underway!  (For those of you who get my Scentsy emails, be expecting one of those as well!)

We had a huge month of deals in October, and November's deals are going to run all month long.  Trust me, this is the month to buy to get the most proverbial bang for your buck.  (Ka-pow!)

The way black Friday sales work is as follows:  The sales you'll see below are good now through midnight on Friday, November 25th.  This gives you time to save, organize your Christmas list (ya know, gotta figure out who has really been naughty and nice this year), and get your order to me.  An Important Note:  This order will not be 'placed' until Saturday, November 26th,  in other words, your orders will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas, but if you place an order today - you won't get your order any sooner than if you placed it on Friday the 25th.  IF you plan to order holiday item and are concerned it may sell out - your best bet is to order the item now through the website.

Orders should be emailed or facebook messaged to me in order to receive discounts.  (Email is  Shipping will not be applied to orders going to (or near) our old home town in Illinois (but will be required to be picked up at a designated location - will discuss more in an email if you're curious - can't put everything out in blog world) or near our current location in Texas.

So - with all of the fine print out of the way, without any further ado - Black Friday Scentsy Sales:

  • Great Stocking Stuffer! Scentsy Solid Perfumes, $3 off!
  • Scentsy Buddies - Buy 2, get 1 half off! 
  • Buy 2 Scent Circle Packs (6 Circles for $15), Get 1 half off! (Great for Christmas Cards!)
  • Buy any 3 warmers (any size), get 3 free bars!  
  • And lastly (but certainly not 'leastly') any parties booked for the month of January or February, the host will receive a free plug in warmer and everyone who buys from the party will receive 10% off of their order (not valid with online orders)!  This is a great way to earn customers to your party!  
Think of Scentsy as great gift-giving for moms, grandmothers, sisters, friends, secretaries, loyal customers, etc.  Think stocking stuffers and Christmas cards!  Or - maybe this is just a great time to stock up for you! :)   Either way... don't miss out!  


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