Monday, November 14, 2011

And Now, There's a Limp

Just when you think... well, I don't even know what I thought?  I certainly didn't think "things can't get any worse," because we are a long way from rock bottom.  I thank God everyday for our blessings... we are very blessed.  But somehow, I did think, maybe we are at the end of this yuckiness.  I mean, we've been at this for a month now.  It has to be nearing an end, right?

Apparently I was wrong.

So a little bit of back history, we found a large knot on the back of Bryton's knee in March or April of this year.  Everyone was worried (for once in my life, a little more than I was... he's a boy, he has knots everywhere) so I took him to the doctor.  Everything I had found online (yep, I'm an internet diagnoser) pointed towards a Baker's Cyst, but they are very rare in children. 

A trip to the doctor suggested just that, a Baker's Cyst.  Rare, but not impossible.  We didn't do any 'tests' to prove it, besides feeling it and confirming that it did indeed go away when his leg was bent and come back when it was flexed or extended.  Doctor's orders: 'Watch it, as long as it doesn't interfere in his daily activity or cause any pain, there's a great chance it'll fix itself in time.'  And every website I've looked at has said the same. 

And then, last night, as we were walking Bryton to bed, we noticed a limp.  Not an awful limp, but a very obvious limp, none the less.  Feeling the back of his leg, his cyst is definitely still there, and quite possibly larger.  (We just had it looked at about 10 days ago at the doctor, so I'm sure it's not that much worse, maybe we just notice it more?)  He is definitely limping on the leg with the cyst.  (Or what we think is a cyst). 

He woke up today, and he's not any better.  In fact, he's struggled up and down stairs all day.  He fell down the stairs on our porch twice tonight.  He's tripping all over the place, seemingly because he's trying not to bend the right leg...

Worrying got the best of me and I called our doctor.  He has an appointment at 9 a.m.

Please pray.  Poor guy says he isn't hurting, but he doesn't have the mobility to prove it.  I'm worried it's something more severe.  I happened on a site about juvenile arthritis today and literally had to close the page before I could read through it fully.  I don't even want to entertain the thought of a 'lifelong disease.'  (And there's very little chance it is that, but still.)

All in all - it makes me so thankful.  Overall, I have very healthy kids.  Overall, we are a very healthy family.  It makes me grateful that a snotty nose is the only ailment I have to really complain about with kiddos right now.  Praise God for a snotty nose.  That snotty nose is just a snotty nose with their health great in other areas.  Praying that news continues outside of tomorrow.

You know - he is a three year old boy whose favorite past time is playing football with Ansley's ducky by running through the house and throwing himself around like a rag doll.  His leg issues could be that he's a three year old boy.

I just want an answer. 

Thanks in advance for the prayers...



  1. Oh, Mama! Isn't it heart wrenching/faith testing when our Littles are at the mercy of the unknown? I know the fear you talk about, so I will join together with you in prayer. For peace and for diagnosis and answers. It does no good to worry, but a Mama's heart just can't handle the thought of something being wrong with her baby. {hugs} God is faithful, and we're believing with you for a good report.

  2. Thanks - your friendship - even if only through blogging (right now) is so dear to me! I so appreciate you!