Friday, October 15, 2010

What I Appreciate About MY Husband Pastor

The list is too long to list them all, but here's things I don't credit him for a lot:

  • He works hard!  Preparing lessons, making relationships, planning worship, praying and caring about the spiritual life of his band and his students, planning retreats, trips, events, and the like, doing paper work, going to games and activities of students, counseling and making himself available. 
  • He's very compassionate and caring towards students.  He has great discernment on how much 'tough love' each student can handle, and he is compassionate enough for students to know that he cares.  
  • It takes a lot for him to get frustrated.  In situations where I'd find myself fuming, he's calm.  
  • He loves to have fun.  Huge plus in youth ministry!  He likes to laugh, joke around, get dirty, and have a good time!  My kinda guy!  
  • He has passion.  He desires greatly for people to encounter God during worship, for students to be zealous for the Lord, and for lost students to find the cross.  He loses sleep when one or all of these are lacking.  
  • He works well with people.  All people, senior people, children people, youth people, middle aged people... he has an attractive personality that is well received on a multi-generational level.  I have similar qualities, but depending on my life's circumstances, am not always as approachable as he is.  
  • He's outgoing.  This kind of goes with the point above, but he has no problem walking into a room alone and approaching anyone who might be in there.  Very extroverted! 
  • He's an optimist (okay, most of the time.)  But he wants to see the good in people always before he sees any negative. 
  • He's a good listener.  Granted, he is a male as well, so he sometimes wants to be a 'fixer' too, but he's always a good ear when you need a sounding board, to vent, or advice. 
  • He enjoys getting in the Word.  Some of my favorite conversations with him are hearing what God has been communicating to him... his inspiration often inspires me. 
  • He shows a great amount of humility.  
  • He articulates the Word well, does lessons well, and his passion is evident in his messages.  
  • He does a good job at not showing favoritism.  
  • For a man who spends several nights out a week doing church related activities, or going to sporting events or activities of students, or setting up the church on a Saturday night, or running errands for youth ministry, he includes his family (us) in many of those things so that we can still be together, and then he makes time for just us as well.
  • He knows how to bite his tongue... and often bites mine for me as well.  (It's that whole submissive thing... gotten me out of a lot of trouble, probably.)  During times when I feel he's been wronged his biting his tongue, and him encouraging me to bite mine (ahem), often keeps us from dissension with others.  It's a good thing. 
  • He knows how to serve.  Those things listed yesterday:  parking blocks, snow, mowing for a home-bound who couldn't do it herself, cleaning, volunteering, serving meals, picking up (after himself and others), all are part of his 'servant' nature.  
And again, the list goes on... but I wanted to name a few, especially some I don't mention to him a lot.  Don't forget your pastors, everyone.  They make a lot of sacrifices to better serve us.  
 Until next time -
- a 

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