Monday, October 18, 2010

Praying for a healthy baby

For me there's been something about a second pregnancy that has made me a little less naive this time around.  Maybe it's experience between now and two years ago.  Maybe it's friend who have shared their pregnancy ups and downs.  Whatever the reason... I've probably been more concerned this pregnancy that I was with Bryton's.  (I made up for all of that after Bryton was born.  Hopefully this time I'll be a little less obsessive with this baby since I was during pregnancy.)
Anyway - tomorrow we go for our 'anatomy scan'.  I'll call it that because, well, I'm not sure what else to call it.  It's kind of ironic, because finding out the gender of the baby is a 'perk' to the ultrasound, but it's not the reason for it.  I've become painfully aware of this during this pregnancy.  They are checking to make sure baby is progressing right, that their are no visual malformations, that there is an adequate amount of amniotic fluid, etc.  And knowing we'll want to find out baby's gender, they'll give a little look in that direction too.  (Pray for cooperation on Baby 2's part ;)... B was extremely obvious, and I would love to be 100% sure leaving tomorrow!)
All of that said, I have to say this, with pre-knowledge, that all I want is a healthy baby.  10 little fingers, 10 little toes, everything in it's place... growing on track, etc, etc, etc.  I was so concerned with finding out what Bryton was that I didn't even think about those things at the 'anatomy scan'.  Trust me, I thought about them in the weeks proceeding birth!
So tomorrow, boy or girl, we are praying for healthy healthy healthy.  As far as a boy or girl is concerned, it's very odd.  With Bryton, I wanted a boy first, I didn't 'care' either way, but, well, you know.  This time, I can really see perks to both.  I could dress up a little girl (who may cause me a lot of heartache later), but a little boy I would be used to, I'd have the toys for (would still need clothes for different times of the year and some other things), and I feel like two boys would be closer than a boy and a girl would.
So, one way or another we're happy.  Healthy is our major concern!
Big post tomorrow!

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