Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Had planned to update this blog yesterday, but it was a busy day to say the least.  First, let's just get it all out there... baby wasn't as 'anxious' to show us her gender as her brother (who flashed us all first thing in his ultrasound), but towards the end of the ultrasound we looked again, and sure enough, it's a girl!  

So it is now official that Ansley Makenna (yes, we changed the middle name... about 10 minutes after our ultrasound as a matter of fact) will be physically joining the Gregg family sometime around March 12th!

Other notes about yesterday's doctor appt (for those of you who care):
  • Ansley is in the 50% for her size right now.  She weighs 11 ounces!  Almost a pound!  I hope she continues this trend, personally.  Bryton was a 'big baby' (to say the least), so having a slightly smaller child to 'push out' this time would be well received by this mother.  
  • I had a good inclination of girl this whole pregnancy anyway, but I'd read the night before the ultrasound on a board that I follow, that an ultrasound tech had been noted in saying that he'd guessed the last 27 genders right without seeing the 'goods' first, just by hand placement.  Our ultrasound tech tried to get a good 3-d picture of Ansley (before we knew she was even Ansley), and her hands and fingers are all up in her face.  I felt for sure it'd have to be a girl... and it was.
  • Everything that can be 'seen' on the ultrasound looks pretty good.  She was head down (not that I expect her to stay that way from here on out, and back up, so we saw a lot of good pictures of her spine, but not many good pictures of her heart.  The good news is that I get to go back in for my next appointment for another ultrasound to get more pictures.  I'm quite alright with that!  
As far as my health, etc.:
  • I've gained 6 pounds in pregnancy so far, which is apparently right on target.  (Which is amazing considering I've been eating sweets like crazy.  I have to cut it out.) 
  • My blood pressure is a - ok.
  • Apparently I have a low lying placenta at the moment, which is currently not an issue, and is apparently really common in mid-pregnancy.  Dr. said we aren't going to worry about it right now in hopes that it moves up.  The way he made it sound, that'll make for some more ultrasound pictures later.  Worst case would be a c-section... and quite personally, I'm praying really hard against that. 
  • I also, apparently, had a low thyroid count in my prenatal bloodwork.  The doctor didn't act like this was a huge deal, and actually said it's fairly common in the first part of pregnancy.  He explained that the pregnancy hormone fights the thyroid hormone and it usually goes back up.  He said we'd look at the count again at my 26 week glucose test.  He didn't seem worried, so I didn't worry... until I got home and started looking at what a low thyroid count can do to growing babies!  I finally had to stop looking at stuff and move on, or else I'll worry like crazy.  Someone tell me you had this and your child is fine!  Please!  Praying it is back up now.  It does explain my exhaustion at the first part of this pregnancy. 
  • Lastly, we talked platelets briefly.  Mine were 'pretty low' as he deemed it, when I had my bloodwork done in the lab at about 6 weeks, but at 12 week prenatals my platelets were back up to 145,000 (normal is 150,000 - 400,000... my 'normal', or not pregnant, number is around 241,000).  So they are still technically 'low'.  He said the big word again about what it probably is, and said we'll just have to watch that and my blood pressure like the time before.  I'm getting used to the platelet thing.  Still praying to be over 100,000 at the time of birth, praying for that epidural this time.  (Could be awful if I have low platelets and require a c-section for any reason, completely narrows down anesthesia options... in fact, general anesthesia, which isn't great for me or baby, may be one of few options I have... pray against the c-section, please.)
So anyway - all in all, I'm not worried about much at the moment.  There is a lot of time for things to change.  Would love for you to join me in the prayer things mentioned above, and I'll keep you posted on our newest little blessing (and our oldest too, he's getting ready to turn 2!)


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  1. So happy for you Alicia!!! I'll definitely be praying for you and Miss Ansley :)