Friday, October 8, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I figured a short post to update everyone on the pregnancy was needed, as it's been a lot of 'other' stuff lately.  Here's the 'just' of it all:

 Me at 15 weeks.  I'm only taking pictures every five this time around. 
I'm pretty sure I've 'blossomed' since this picture was taken! See a new one at 20!

  • I'll be 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow!  On one hand it feels like it's flying by!  On the other hand:
  • We find out if Bryton is going to be a big brother to a baby brother or a baby sister on October 19th.  This is making time feel as if it's crawling by.  I'm so curious this time around with my pregnancies being so different, I just feel like it must be a girl... but I've been wrong before ;) 
  • I'm having lots of round ligament pain / stretching this time around.  I've heard that it's worse in subsequent pregnancies than it is the first, but this time around it's enough to double me over until it subsides.  It's not necessarily happening more often, it's just more severe when it happens. 
  • I'm in that awkwardly in between stage as far as clothes are concerned.  I can still wear most all of my own non-maternity shirts, but they just don't feel right.  Maternity shirts still kind of swallow me.  As far as pants are concerned, maternity pants are more comfortable, but I feel that I'm constantly pulling them up all the time.  All in all, I'm definitely getting a 'bump' now and see the normal clothes, especially pants, going out the window completely in the next two weeks for sure.  
  • Nausea etc. are basically gone at this point.  Praise the Lord!  During the first trimester I didn't think I'd ever get relief or energy every again in my life.  I'm trying to enjoy it while I can because I know I'll be super tired again during the 3rd trimester, and equally as tired when our lovely offspring shows up :)  Nausea now is once in a blue moon, and normally something light to snack on or some water with lemon cures it right up! 
  • I'm having major cravings with this pregnancy, unlike my pregnancy with B.  The thing is, I'm not necessarily craving anything in particular, just when I'm craving something it's almost an emotional need that I have to have it.  Most recent craving:  Taco Johns chicken softshell tacos with house dressing, potato oles with cheese, and a churro.  Haven't satisfied that one yet, but my goodness does it sound good!?
  • Lots and lots of headaches this time around.  Who knows why?  I just know with Bryton I didn't have hardly any... one or two total.  Now it's rare for a day to go by where I don't have one.  I do better on the days that I'm up and moving around for most of the day, and I've noticed that I normally wake up with the headache.  If I can get up and get some food / drink in me, get a warm (aka hot) shower, and get up and moving around, I can usually prevent having to take any tylenol.  I've finally just got to the point that I'd rather have a little headache and not take the tylenol so I don't feel guilty taking the tylenol when the big headaches come.  The good news:  these aren't migraines.  Praise Jesus. 
I think that's all for the pregnancy updates at the moment.  I'll be updating lots more coming up!  We have a TON of things coming up including Bryton's Seussical 2nd Birthday (I should be posting lots of pics and tips from this), Halloween (and a blog about our halloween stance as I did our Santa stance), and hopefully some good couponing / Jesus blogs coming up!  Keep checking it out!


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