Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm not sure if any of you are already signed up for this site, but if you aren't you should be!  I've actually been a member for quite some time, but I've really just started watching the site and buying in on some of the deals. 
The 'just' of it is this:  If companies know that a lot of people are going to buy something, they can sale the product less expensively because they know they will still make a profit on it.  Also, it's exposing their product to a lot of people.  The way groupon works is that a company makes 'available' a deal and offers it on the site (there are others out there as well).  The company requires a certain number of people to 'buy in' to a deal for the deal to be 'on', but as soon as that number is reached the deal becomes effective.  Make sure you read all of the print because the groupons do expire, though I've not found any groupon deals that have insanely fast expiration dates.  There are also periods that you must wait before being able to use your groupon, but it's usually a processing time period of a day or two.  That being said, here are my most recent deals:
The other day there was a groupon for  (NOTE:  Groupon separates their websites by city, so I usually just look at the St. Louis deals, but this one was in Baltimore.  If they are online deals, you don't have to be in the 'area' to purchase and use them!)  The groupon was $30 towards the website (which couldn't include taxes or shipping), but you paid just $15.  I've been struggling on what to make us all for halloween, when I decided with a chance at half off costumes I should go check it out.  I'm not going to lie, I looked at kids costumes for like an hour, then womens, then mens... when finally I found a Buddy the Elf costume in the men's category for almost 70% off for that day only!  I saw that it was still available and remembered that there was a Happy Holly Days costume in the women's section that I could 'dress up' to look like Jovie during her days in the department store.  I quickly bought the groupon, used it, and spent $7 to get those two costumes to our door!
Here is the costume I bought for Aaron (it was just $22 the day I ordered it!).  He's safe, no tights.  And here is the costume I bought for myself.  $10!  Granted, I need some tights and a Santa hat to make the costume really what I want it to be, but that's where groupon number 2 comes in! 
So, today, I noticed there was a groupon for with the same criteria.  $15 for $30 in merchandise, so I decided to head on over to costumehub to see if they had any of the costumes I've been looking at for Bryton to fit our theme (a Santa or a Snowman... though we really wanted to try to find an Elf to make him one of us).  So, I'm checking out their website and I find all of these costumes well within the $30 range on their website!  In fact, they were all cheap enough that I could add my red tights and my Santa hat and be just at $30, even for the most expensive costume!  So, it's looking like Bryton is going to be an Elf just like us! 
Bryton's Halloween Costume!
If you haven't done your halloween costume shopping yet, I suggest you go check out their website and the groupon which is the side deal on St. Louis' today! 
Lastly, I've been dying to go to some movies lately.  Bryton is finally old enough where he can be watched without any fear of getting a phone call (okay, he's been old enough for this for about 15 months now), and I'd say it's time for us to go enjoy some dates at the movie theater.  There's a groupon in Jacksonville today that is $20 for 4 movie theater tickets!  The cool thing, they don't expire until January 5, you don't have to use them all in the same trip, and the tickets come from fandango or, so 98% of theaters are included!  The tickets are ALSO good for imax or 3d showings!  You can't beat $5 for a good Christmas 3d movie!  I'm so excited I can't hardly wait!  So we bought into those too!  A good movie is hard to pass up :)
Go check out and sign up for groupon now!  Check out this link!

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