Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boy or Girl: Submit Your Guesses ;)

Okay - in 8 days we finally get to find out if we are blue or pink this time around.  With Bryton the majority of guesses was right...  about two thirds of you said boy.  I look forward to seeing what you all think this time around.  Here's some points of things that may interest you in making your 'final decision':

  • We've heard the heartbeat twice, the first one was in the 150's, the second time in the 160's. 
  • I've had cravings a lot this pregnancy (as opposed to Bryton's), but they haven't necessarily been for any specific kind of food. 
  • I'm 18 weeks currently and have gained 3 pounds. 
  • I was nauseous throughout most of my first trimester this time around.  
  • My face hasn't changed much in the way of acne.  An occasional blemish here and there, but nothing major really. 
  • The Chinese Birth Calendar says 'boy'.
  • During the first trimester meat completely grossed me out.
  • I've been pretty emotional this pregnancy. 
  • During the 2nd trimester I've really 'felt the same' as I did with Bryton. 
  • How am I carrying?  Well, judge for yourself.  This pic was taken at 18 weeks, 3 days.

  •  I have had headaches almost everyday this time around.  Whether that is pregnancy related, stress related, or weather related are all up in the air.  
  • Undoubtedly I've instinctively called this one 'she' throughout the entire pregnancy, but whether that means anything or not is in question because I thought Bryton was a girl too! 
  • I don't believe my face has changed shape at all, but you can take a look for yourself:

Regardless what Baby 2 ends up being, we're happy as long as he / she is healthy.  There are definitely perks to having either, and as much as I thought I'd want a little girl after having my boy, I'm really equally happy with both!  
If you have any other questions that may help you make a better guess... just leave it on facebook or in the comments ;)  Let's see if you all are right this time around!


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