Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Walgreens Couponing and Halloween Update

Well scratch the elf for Bryton for Halloween, he's instantly become Santa Claus ( ironic, since we won't be doing the 'Santa thing' in our house, I guess we should blog our decision on that too, huh?)  Anyway, we're still going to acknowledge Santa as a fictional character and make believe - so Bryton is dressing up as Santa Claus for halloween, and Aaron and I are elves ;) Should make for a good time! You guys knew I loved Christmas!

Anyway did a quick trip to C-dale today to do some Walgreens, Dollar Tree, and Hobby Lobby shopping.  2 out of 3 experiences were good, so that isn't too bad. 

Walgreens went like this, I bought:
2 bottles of 'DayQuil' (20% more free in each)
6 Nivea Lip Care Products
A Schick Hydro 3 Razor
Schick Hyrdo Shaving Cream
Some 'Peeps' Halloween candy (I'm a sucker and can't pass these up!)

I used:
1 $1 off 1 Vicks Product (wish I would have had two of those coupons :( )
2 $1 off 1 Nivea Lip Care product
2 $2 off 2 Nivea Lip Care products
1 $4 off 1 Schich Hydro 3
1 Buy a Schick Razor get a Schick shaving cream free coupon (that I just happened to find ON the razor I purchased)

Before coupons My total was $29 and some change
After coupons my total was $15.35
I received back $9 in register rewards
thus it was like I spent $6.35 for all you see listed above!  I was pretty proud of this trip! 

I went to the Dollar Tree because I know they have the cheapest options in the way of 'party supplies'.  I'm having fun creating Bryton's Seussical 2nd Birthday Party on a budget, and so far I think I'm doing pretty good.  1 way I keep costs down for his party:  I found really cute Dr. Seuss things at, where I purchased a couple packages of dessert plates, dinner plates, napkins, and some stickers.  The kicker is, I only purchase about half of those particular items that I need (besides the stickers).  I then match plain colored plates, napkins, etc to the printed ones, as they are usually much cheaper but I still get the same 'effect' with the printed plates.  Especially for the kiddos.  So I went to Dollar Tree to pick up 6 table covers, a package of dinner plates, a package of dessert plates, a package of napkins, some curling ribbon, and a few other small items.  I spent around $25 at Birthday Expresses website to purchase the things I mentioned above (in smaller quantities, mind you), and spent about $11 to finish it all out AND buy excess at the Dollar Tree. 

I went to Hobby Lobby to see about some white gift bags.  (The stickers are going to go on the front of white sacks to make the 'treat bags' for the kiddos to take home.)  Talk about it a disaster... not only did they not have any of those at a decent price, but I did pick up some streamers (they had the colors I wanted whereas Dollar Tree did not), and some baking cups for cupcakes.  Three items, a whopping four dollars in my cart.  We were working on about 12:15 when we got in line, so I knew we needed to get through somewhat quick so I could get B home, changed and down for a nap, and low and behold, I've never waited so ridiculously long in such an unbelievably slow work environment in all of my life.  There were two people in front of me, one actually checking out, the other behind her holding 3 balls of yarn, and me, with my three items, and at 12:31 (I looked at my phone to see what time it was), I finally pushed the cart aside, took Bryton out of it, and headed for the door.  On the way out the door, the lady with the yarn STILL hadn't paid.  Huge disappointment.  I try to limit our trips to C-dale to save the gas, so it would have been nice to have got it all done today, but it was clear we were going nowhere quickly.

So anyway - there it is, the day's shopping trip!  It's a good week to scout out Walgreens!  Go check it out!

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