Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Remember, Mom

In the past week or so I've had to say that to myself a lot.  I now realize how much I'd forgotten about Bryton's 'training' process, that now makes him such an easy kid.  Granted, he's not potty trained yet, and he's not sleeping in his toddler bed (which we've not even initiated that yet), but he's SO easy to put to bed, to play independently, etc. 
Getting back into the bouncing, patting, shhshing, swaying thing has my back tired (it's amazingly how familiar that pain is now that it's back) and my mind racing (as I really don't want to start any 'bad' habits now that have to be broken later... really want to get this sleeping thing figured out before 8 months this time, all while trying to get sleep myself and make all of the right decisions as far as formula, naptime lengths, waketime lengths, bathing, etc.  Everything seems so 'new' again, yet so familiar at the same time.  It's really confusing.)
Which makes me have to say this to myself daily:
  • Remember, mom, formula only lasts 12 months, one down, 11 to go... and see how fast the first one went?
  • Remember, mom, kids do sleep through the night, eventually, regardless of what you do to 'train' them.  Bryton was swaddled, bounced, patted, paci'd and everything else in the book before you could ever just lay him down.  You're starting sooner with this one... that in itself is a good step. 
  • Remember, mom, how much you missed the gummy grins and the opportunity just to hold Bryton before he ran off?  You have that again... savor it while it's there. 
  • Remember, mom, the stress of all of the decisions just left you with stress.  Sure you made some good ones and some not so good ones with Bryton, but really, what sticks out in your mind that you really regret?  Exactly.  Trying a new formula and how to best soothe Ansley will one day just be decisions that you made... period.
  • Remember, mom, these moments really do come and go more quickly than anyone can ever imagine... even those of us who have been through them before.  I think that's why God gives us so many sleepless nights with babies... the time is so short before they get big, that He knew that we'd want as many memories with them at that age as possible... so when you are frustrated, try to enjoy it... It's really not like this for long...
  • Remember, mom, a year from now this little girl will be walking and playing and starting to talk.  You'll miss this then. 
  • Remember, mom, you know her better than anyone else on this planet.  You carried her, got her here, and spend more time with her than anyone else.  God has equipped you for all of this decision making... mom really does know best, stick to your gut. 
  • Remember, mom, don't forget dad.  You're more tired than ever... and at times more frustrated, but so is he... and he still needs you. 
  • Remember, mom, she really won't be eating steak one day and spitting up at the table.  This too shall pass. 
  • Remember, mom, in the haze of your exhaustion, that this is the beginning of your little girl... and you'll never get this back... 

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