Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Stink At Music

Seriously.  My husband struck out in that category.  Mr. Drum Playing, Rascal Flatts singing, guitar playing worship leader has a wife that can hardly, if ever, carry a tune and has no ability to play any instrument.  (I can clap on beat, though, thank you.) I hope my kids are different.  Bryton is already showing huge interest in music, and I love that.

But you don't have to be good at music to love and to appreciate it.  Music for me has been an incredible means as to which I can express myself through my own methods.  (Listened to Among Thorns the entire time I was writing my book... all of my videos I make with Bryton, etc, all have to be to music and the music has to be 'just right', etc.)

It's amazing how music can take you back to exactly a point and moment in time.  For example, Beautiful Life by Fisher was the commercial song for John and Kate Plus 8 (whenever it was a fun show to watch) when Bryton was just born.  Everytime I hear that song I can remember sitting in our little apartment, him in his bouncy, Christmas lights up... just in awe of this little addition to our family.  Now the song brings tears to my eyes because the memories are so vivid, but Bryton is definitely not that little baby anymore.  He's a little boy. 

Oddly enough, I even have flashbacks to my doctor's appointments with him when certain songs come on the radio that played over the radio while I was there.  It really seems like yesterday, but apparently it was about 2 years and 4 months ago worth of yesterdays. 

So I may not be able to play a bunch of instruments, I may not be able to sing a lick, but music is my time machine to the past... the way in which I recollect and relive those moments that seem like yesterday but weren't. 

I wonder what music will remind me of Ansley's pregnancy and babyhood???


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  1. I completely understand this! I heard some music the other day that sent me flying back to my last year of highschool and the first year I worked a "real" job. So crazy how that works.