Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Update: Today's Appointment and Most Recent News

Today was our growth ultrasound and meeting with the doctor about an induction.
The growth ultrasound went well, except Ansley was all over the place, so it felt good to know someone finally knew how I've felt the last, oh, 20 weeks or so.  The tech had to work very hard to get the pictures she needed.  We did get a glimpse a few times of one thing, she has big cheeks like her brother.  :)  Ansley is currently measuring 8 lbs 2 or 3 oz according to the ultrasound (let's pray it's right or even a little high, though the dr later said that is wishful thinking.)

Anyway, on to my meeting with the dr.  She first made fun of my t-shirt, which she stated "no longer fits."  She's such a joker :) She then listened to babies heart and measured me and commented, "Wow, your poor belly, no stretch marks but you can't get any bigger."  She decided to go ahead and check me just to see "where things were."  Turns out I've gone from 1/2 cm Monday to 2 cm today (yay for some progress).  While she was 'in there' she went ahead and stretched my cervix in order to hopefully get things moving.

We then talked induction.  She mentioned inducing tomorrow, but had to call labor and delivery to see if that was available.  When she came back she had no news... labor and delivery was full today so she told me not to get my hopes up and that she'd either call me back tonight or tomorrow regarding a time for induction.  I joked with her and told her anytime would be great that I didn't think I could deal with "this" (pointing to my belly) much longer.  She laughed and said, "Yeah you look pretty miserable.  I'm not going to lie, if I had that belly I'd be bumming too."  Again, I love my doctor.  She's a great advocate at the end of pregnancy!

She called at just about 5 and asked how 8 am tomorrow morning sounds.  Of course, great!  So that's when we go in...

Or at least we think.  I've been having contractions every 2-5 minutes for the past 3 hours consistently.  They aren't bad enough that I can't talk through them, but they are more uncomfortable than they were.  Now I'd really like to make it to 8 in the morning for the sake of the 'plan'.  (I'm very type A.)  But at this point my body has a mind of its own so we'll see what happens. 

Here's to quick and easy labor and delivery and healthy family all around!


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  1. How exciting!!!! I will pray for a quick delivery, my last one was 4 1/2 hrs long (also an induction) - you can do it, Mama! Jesus is going to give you the strength. :)