Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pray for Wyatt William!

Hello blog readers!  Today is a special post that I hope you all will lend your hearts and ears to.  This particular blog post is a plea for prayer for a friend of mine and her little boy.  In an effort to get it all right, I'm copying and pasting her own words for you to read. 

If you conduct your own blog I'd ask that you would copy and paste this into your own blog today, as Wyatt William has a big day and a big doctor's appointment tomorrow.  My friend Rachel is asking for all of the prayers she can get! 

From Rachel:

On March 4, 2011 while teaching a 4th grade social studies class I received a phone call from my mother saying that 911 had just been called for my 16 month old little boy, Wyatt William. He was seizing and had stopped breathing. She wasn’t really sure what had happened. The 20 minute drive to the hospital seemed like an eternity. I kept imagining that I would get there and this would all be a big mistake. It would be someone else’s Wyatt or he would have just been teasing and acting silly. I would get to the hospital and everything would be just fine. But instead, I ran into an emergency triage room where my little boy was unconscious on a bed. He had tubes and needles and oxygen attached to him. He was only wearing a diaper and an arm band. I have never been so scared in my life. My husband was already there holding Wyatt’s little hand and looked terrified. After hours of assessment and tests and waiting it was ruled that my son had a febrile, or fever induced, seizure. Because we live in a small, rural town in Southern Illinois, we were sent to St. Louis Chidren’s Hospital to have Wyatt evaluated by a neurologist and monitored overnight.

Everything seemed fine, even the neurologist thought so. She said this is actually more common than we realize and that it most likely wouldn’t ever happen again. She reassured me that febrile seizures only looked scary but that they didn’t cause any type of long term damage. We were happy, the doctors were happy. They moved us out of our room to do the whole discharge thing and then, it happened. Three doctors, one of which was our neurologist, approached us and directed us to a private, single room. They were dressed in NICU attire as I call it…gloves, yellow coats, masks…we were scared. They told us that the last blood test has come back and that what they had originally thought was a lab error turned out to be confirmed. My son, my 16 month old perfect little boy had no neutrophils. Now, if you are like me, I had never even heard the word neutrophil before that minute but it turns out those little guys are pretty important seeing as how they make up more than half of our immune systems. A healthy person has no less than 1,500 of them. In a matter of 5 minutes, our lives were flipped upside down. Because his white count was so low, we would be staying in the hospital on total isolation. We could not leave our room. And, because his white count was so low they were looking at a few of different things…anything from a simple viral infection to leukemia. Seriously? All I kept thinking was, “Did they just say that? Did they just tell me that my son, this precious little boy whom I had grown in my body, might have cancer?” I was sick. I was in shock. The days that have followed have been a nightmare. We were eventually discharged with strict orders of isolation. Wyatt can’t have any visitors. And for doctor visits or blood draws, he has to ‘suit up’ in his gloves, coat and mask. His twin sister, Paisley is pretty jealous. We have to let her have a mask, too to keep the calm in our house at this point. We have been praying feverently and hoping that Wyatt’s white blood count and neutrophils would go up but to no avail. He has gotten up to 200 and then bounced around back to 84 I think was the lowest. The fact that his numbers aren’t getting back to normal really has the doctors concerned. And us, too. We feel afraid. We feel helpless.

Now during our time of need, we are calling all our friends and family, all Christians really to pray with us during this rough patch. We are praying for Wyatt to be touched by the hand of our Almighty God and to be healed. God made his perfect little body and he has the power to heal him and make him whole once again. There is nothing too big for our Lord to fix. I ask you please, dear friends, join my husband Will, my daughter Paisley and I as we pray for good news for Wyatt as we meet with the Hematologist/Oncologist at St. Louis Children’s this Friday. Please pray Wyatt’s full recovery, for answers and for peace. Please pray that it is the Lord’s will that Wyatt does not have cancer in his little body, of any form. Please pray for the healing of my entire family. Pray that the Lord will show us all a miracle very soon, through Wyatt. Thank you in advance friends for taking the time to pray for my family, for my son. May the Lord bless us, each and every one. I pray that very soon I will have a testimony of God’s unyielding mercy to share with you all. I pray that I will be able to share the story of a true miracle.

Thank you, for everything.


Again, please copy and paste into your own blogs or relay this information on to your prayer warriors.  All of the prayers are greatly appreciated!  

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