Monday, March 14, 2011

Can't Believe the Similarities

Ok - so ever since the hospital put us in birthing room 2, the birthing room that Bryton was born in, to deliver Ansley, we've been finding crazy similarities about their births, etc.  So, we just have to share a few:
  • Both were born in birthing room 2 at the same hospital.
  • Both were born on the 3rd day of the month in which they were born. 
  • Bryton's birthday is 11/3/(08) - Ansley's is 3/3/11.
  • Bryton's birthday is within a week of another family member's, so is Ansley's.
And the one we just realized...
  • Bryton's birthday is within days of the end of daylight savings time, Ansley's is within days of the beginning of daylight savings time.
I don't think we could have planned those things if we wanted to!

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