Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A New Challenge and An Apology

The apology first... apparently since Ansley has been here I stink at blogging.  It's funny how priorities shift ;)  As they should!  But because I use writing to clear my soul (so to speak), I'm going to try to do better about getting stuff out... even if it's just my latest, greatest deal.
Which brings me to this:
I've been long enough at this parent of two thing, and missing many deals as my couponing has taken a much needed back seat for awhile, that I feel it's time to get back into the swing of things... and to take a good swing at things... I'm looking at getting a Dyson.  The model I'm looking to get - 'the animal' (much needed for our yucky dog) - retails between $550 - $600 depending on the model I get (ball or no ball, hmmm). 
Anyone who knows me knows that I don't want to spend that much money on anything (or if I was going to I'd probably choose something along the lines of, I don't know, a new wardrobe or an ipad if I was going for a material thing), but this seems like something more of a necessity for us right now.
I've always owned a 'cheap' vacuum.  It didn't matter much when it was Aaron and I and we weren't on the floor a lot.  Now, everything happens on the floor... diaper changes, play time, all of Bryton's snack times, you name it.  Sure, it's usually on a blanket on the floor, but it's on the floor none the less... and to be quite honest, I hate vacuuming because I hate seeing the 'yuck' that comes out of our cheapo vacuum.
So Aaron took that cheapo vacuum and vacuumed TWICE yesterday.  Yes, the whole house once, and then again immediately when he was done.  He filled the canister with grossness more times than I could count and had to use his leaf blower (I'm not kidding) several times to 'unclog' the nastiness so that the vacuum would continue to 'suck'.  (Used as a very and an adjective here.)
Our lovely friend, Amber, offered to let us borrow her Dyson Animal and give it a whirl so to speak.  And this morning, that's exactly what I did, and may I say, "GROSS!"
It easily picked up an equivalent of what Aaron picked up yesterday and filled that canister too (which is larger than ours.)  With kids all over the floor, I need the precious time I spend vacuuming (and away from my children) to be productive and for me to feel like the house is clean after I've cleaned it!
So - I'm out to find the cheapest way to get a not used Dyson as possible.  I've got tons of ideas - ebates, free shipping, plus a sale and coupon codes all sound like the way to go :)  I've checked into some refurbs, but think I'm going to try to find the real thing as cheap as possible :) 
I'll keep you posted on the results.  I'm not in a horrible hurry, we've had nasty carpets this long...
Also, be looking for some new blogs and updates about our lives here and faith and all that jazz... maybe even a boooook review?  I know, I almost gagged typing it out.  I used to love reading, but with days like mine, who has the time or wants to exert the energy to do it, but I'm out to give it a whirl... maybe ;) 
Until next time (hopefully sooner this time) -

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