Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Dyson and Cold Chicken

I've accomplished exactly 3 things today:

1.) FINALLY getting Ansley down for a nap.

2.)  Showered.  (Thanks to my darling husband for coming home so I could do that.  It's been a  long morning.)

3.) Got my Dyson ordered!  Kohls was having a sale and I had a 20% off coupon.  I shopped through Ebates AND I used my Old Navy card (this all makes sense when you get down to it) sooo....
I went with this model:
It's the Dyson DC33 Multifloor Upright Vacuum.  I went with this instead of the animal for two reasons.  One, the reviews on this one said it picked up dog hair / pet hair just as well as the other.  Two, the multifloor is very important for me being that half of our house is hardwood / half is carpet.  And (I guess there are 3 reasons), there's a great chance after Zeke departs we won't have a pet again until the kids are old enough to 'want' and 'help' with one.  (Not that I'm wishing Zeke away anytime soon.)

So here is the breakdown:
The vacuum retailed for $449.99
It was on sale for $399.99.
I had a 20% off code, which made the price $319.99, and the final cost with tax (and free shipping), exactly $339.99.
I shopped through ebates, earning 4% cashback which will score me a check for $13.60 (making the cost really only $326.39.
I earned $60 in Kohls cash.
AND I used my Old Navy CC which is on triple rewards right now, so this purchase earned me a $10 rewards card to Old Navy ;)

I was happy with this purchase!

And now the fourth thing I'm accomplishing today, besides this blog:
4.)  Lunch, at 1:40 p.m:  A piece of cold fried chicken, a clementine, and 5 yellow peeps.  How's that for a nutritious lunch?  May as well make the last few days of April count, I suppose.

Until next time:


  1. Great deal! Something you might be interested in...if you ever want a 30% off for Kohls online shopping just check out - there's typically the current 15,20 and 30% off codes listed. When I don't get a 30 in the mail, I always check there before doing any online shopping.

  2. i frequent that site ;) didn't see any today!