Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's Talk About Royal Weddings

Maybe I'm the only one in the world that doesn't get it.  And it could be because I'm ignorant.  I'm just throwing that into the equation right now.  That could very possibly be the case.  But I can't understand what all of the hype is about...
I mean - I've heard about it all week on television... people have been talking about it on facebook, it's all over the news... WHY?
They are two above average people (by society's standards), who live together and are finally getting married.  It's unsure if Kate will actually get to be a 'princess' when this is all over (The queen gets to decide? What's up with that?  I learned that on the news, by the way.), so I'm just not getting it.
I'm sure there was a day where Prince and Princesses who married was important and lavish, etc (not to say it's not lavish now, yeesh), but what is the importance today? 
Personally - the only hype I can see in it is that it satisfies a lot of people's (especially women's) 'fairy tale' dream.  The prince marries the princess (uh hem, maybe), and they live happily ever after. 
But we all know that wasn't necessarily true of Diana.  I've learned more about her in the past few days than I've known my whole life, like her adulteress affair... really?  Had no idea.  (Ironically enough, I remember where I was when she died... I was spending the night at my grandma's house and she was scratching my back when the news reports started flooding the television.  Even then, though unbelievably sad, I was trying to understand where this fairy tale world was where they still had 'princesses'.)
And to be honest - the part of the wedding that I think about the most is that a son will be getting married absent the presence of his mother... and how sad that must be for him, but if the mother were able to 'feel' at the moment, how devastating it would be for her.  I can't imagine not being able to see my babies walk down the aisle, or find love, or insert any milestone here that you wish.  It's outside of our nature.  In fact, I would imagine, though completely a guess, that if Diana had even a moment to comprehend and think about life before she passed, I'd guess she'd think about not being at her babies weddings... and what their lives would be like without her.  Life may go on without us (as mothers) around, but we sure like to think that it'd be much more difficult without us... and maybe it is... and maybe it's not.
That all being said, I've come to this:  With all of the hype with this royal wedding, all of the media, all of the fanfare, all of the lavishness, it reminds me that there is a wedding coming, where Jesus will take His bride, the church, and there will be a wedding above all weddings... more lavish, more beautiful, more important even than the royal wedding of William and Kate.  And at that time all 'kingdoms' will fall, and all 'rulers' will crawl before the throne of God.  That'll be a wedding worth making a fuss over.


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