Thursday, April 28, 2011

8 Weeks

There's not many things we can do in 8 weeks. 

We can't finish a normal college course.  We can't lose all of the weight we want to lose.  We can't learn a new trade, become a millionaire, or, in today's world, probably even get a new job. 

Normally, your life doesn't change over a time span of just 8 weeks. 

But mine did :)

8 weeks ago I learned what it meant to become the mother of a girl.  8 weeks ago I learned how it's possible to have two children, love them exactly the same, but yet still appreciate and love their differences.  8 weeks ago life was easy and it seemed difficult.  Now, I'm sleeping better and it seems impossible at times... but a good impossible.  8 weeks ago I held a daughter in my arms for the first time... she stared through me and I loved her anyway.  Today, she looks right at me and smiles. 

8 weeks ago I began learning how to balance the needs of a 2 year old and the needs of a newborn.  8 weeks ago I began to really appreciate my play time with Bryton for possibly the first time ever.  8 weeks ago I realized that my Bryton wasn't a baby anymore.  I realized his feet were huge, his little baby chub is gone, and he's learning new things at the speed of light.  I realized how precious every moment is with him, because his 'babyhood' passed before I could realize it. 

8 weeks ago I remembered what velvety baby hair felt like, all of the smells of becoming a mother again, and the fragility of new life.  And in just 8 weeks, I've forgotten all of those things again.  Only the linger of formula remains.

In 8 weeks, I've learned it is possible for time to continue to speed up with the more children you have.  Bryton's baby time felt like it lasted an eternity, but I woke up on March 4th and realized it had been gone for some time and I hadn't even seen it go.  March 3rd I welcomed this precious, ten pound little girl into our family, and I feel like it was yesterday... but it wasn't.

In just 8 weeks she has changed so much.  And 8 weeks from now, she'll be completely different than she is now... and as her first year continues to fade on us... I cling desperately to the 'babyhood' that will be long in the past much sooner than I'm ready.  And I cherish every. single. moment. with my children, who despite their age, will always be my babies.  Every proud moment, every tough moment, every sad moment, every milestone, every step, every fall, every time out, every moment of joy... all beautiful, in that God has ordained me to experience and cherish every one with them... and what can I do with that privilege besides be grateful? 

And as I go, yet again, to put a pacifier in the mouth of my newest precious child as she wakes and stirs before her nap is done, my oldest put himself to sleep a half hour ago and he will need nothing from me until it's time for his sucker when his nap is done. 

Time seems to go faster as we become older because we can see more of our lives that have gone past.  When you become a parent time speeds up even more because it is no longer just reflecting on your own past that proves how hastily time flies, but you now have witnessed the entire lives of beings who continue to get older, do more for themselves, and rely less on you. 

And so 8 weeks ago this darling child came into our lives.
8 weeks from now she'll be trying cereal for the first time.
8 weeks from then she'll be sitting up on her own...
And 8 weeks from then she'll probably be crawling and have some teeth...
8 weeks from then we'll have a little girl who can stand with help...
then one who can walk... and talk...
and then she'll be one. 

And then another 8 weeks, and another, and another, and before you know it this baby of mine will be a baby no more.  We'll walk Bryton into his first year of kindergarten, then I'll walk her in what seems like 8 weeks after that...

And my goal - as these 8 weeks goes by, and by, and bye, is to cherish, record, and remember every second that I can... as these, I know, will be the days that I will forever deem as the 'good ole days' - and I don't intend to give them up without a fight...

Happy 8 weeks, baby girl.  And happy 8 weeks X 16 to Bryton, my baby boy. 

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