Thursday, February 17, 2011

With Every Change Is a Little Fear

It's fear of the unexpected.  When you can't see what's ahead or what the future holds, there are always questions.  Here are some 'once again expectant parent' fears that I'm pondering:
  • When will she get here?  Will labor / delivery go well?  How will it happen?  
  • How much will her being here negatively effect Bryton?  Will it change him?  
  • Will she be a spitter?  Bryton's spitting completely frustrated Aaron.  I hated that.  I hope she doesn't spit. 
  • Will she be colicky?  Again, very difficult with Bryton. 
  • How long will it be until she sleeps through the night?  Will this disrupt Bryton's sleeping? 
  • Will everything be 'ok' with her once she gets here?  Everything has looked okay, but what if we missed something?  
  • Is moving from one child to two as life altering as moving from no children to one?  It can't be, right?
Lots of questions... scary questions, but questions I'm ready to explore!  Hopefully news on when that might happen tomorrow!


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  1. We Mama's tend to ponder and wonder, don't we? Never fails. For me, 2nd baby was totally opposite of the first baby. God was gracious to me that way. And, I have to say, going from one to two was more life altering than none to one. For me anyway. I don't say that to be discouraging, just that I wish someone would have been a little more honest about that with me. LOL! Not that it would change anything, or keep us from having more. While I've been more relaxed the 2nd go-round, I've found myself stretched a little thinner. But, these moments pass. And all too quickly. :) Hope you get some answers tomorrow!