Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Update

Okay - baby update is as follows:

The biggest news I received: I have yet another very large child on my hands.  Saw my primary today and her exact words were, "We need to get this baby here soon," and she said that on more than one occasion.  Asked her about relief from some symptoms and she said, "We need to get that baby here," and then went as far as to say that if she decided to come on her own (like Bryton did), that she would more than welcome her arrival at any point.  A week would be perfect timing. 

As far as an induction is concerned, she said we'd definitely do that at 39 weeks, and could possibly squeak one in at 38 1/2.  She said, "let's hope she comes on her own before that."  So that's what I'm praying for (and what I'd ask you to pray for as well).

She also said that my having large children could be a genetic thing since I was so large myself.

As weird as it is to say, I'm good with whatever reason they'll give me to get her here early... and as long as the 'large baby' doesn't turn into a c-section... that reason will suit me just fine.

On another note, I had my blood taken today to check my platelet levels (we are praying they are well over 100,000 for a well-done epidural this time), and I had my group b strep done.  I should find out the results of both of those at next weeks appointment.   

If you want to see what a pregnant woman with a 'large baby' looks like, here's a picture to give you an idea:

This was at 35 weeks.  Notice how happy I look.  Exactly. 

So there you go... overall the appointment went well.  I like talking about her getting here, because quite frankly, it couldn't happen soon enough for me, so acknowledging the light at the end of the tunnel makes me happy :) 

Time to start thinking about getting the carseat installed and the bouncer, swing and pack n play set up. 



  1. Woohoo, you have to love that light and the end of the tunnel! Praying for easy delivery sooner rather than later!

  2. oh my dear. a small girl and a large baby. that looks uncomfortable. i was big and justin was small so who knows which way baby emery might go...but at this point i do not envy you and i hope you get ansley and relief from your discomfort very sooooon!