Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Goals for the Week

Just being honest, this pregnancy is getting rough... so I'm hoping to keep my mind busy (and myself) in order to speed this process up both physically (come on labor!) and mentally.  Thus, I decided to make myself some goals for this week.  I'm not sure how my feet or back will handle these, so we'll see how well I do, in fact, I may update on here at the end of each day which tasks for the day I actually accomplished.  Here's what I have so far:

Monday: (which is looking a little overly ambitious at the moment)
  • Valentine's Day, some tricks up the sleeve so I have to plan for those.  Hopefully a fun project with Bryton as well. 
  • Get. All. Laundry. Done.  (This is a biggie since I'm technically not supposed to be carrying the baskets up and down the stairs... orrrr climbing the stairs that much, but my theory is the stairs are the lesser of the two evils so if it takes me 3 or 4 times up the stairs each trip to get the laundry back up... so be it.  This girl has very few clothing items that fit at this point and they are dirty!)
  • Finish packing the hospital bag, leave a note of last minute things on top (for toiletries that cant be packed yet, etc.)
  • Do Bills / Menu Plan.  (Takes much longer than one would think, so Bryton's nap would be prime time for this.)
  • Vacuum.  (Has that been known to induce labor before??? Let's hope.) 
  • Attend funeral.   
  • PLUS - I went through all of the maternity clothes I can't / won't be able to wear, packed them away, went through my drawers of normal clothes and got rid of items I didn't need, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, made cherry delight for Aaron for V-day, and removed all of the trash from our car ;)  Bout time!  Now the car needs cleaned from the inside out!
    • Lunch date for some much needed girl time!
    • Grocery shopping (preferably alone, may have to do this after Aaron gets home from work.  Literally getting impossible for me to get Bryton in and out of a cart.)
    • Put swing and bouncer together. 
    • Dust.  (Thanks Heather!  You know you have great friends when they'll dust your filthy house! :) )
    Wednesday:  (Only 3 things because number 2 will be a dooooozie on my body / back.)
    • Pick up pack n' play from my mom. 
    • Clean the bathroom. 
    • Youth.
    • Afternoon appointment.
    • Clean the floors in the dining / kitchen.  Hardwood.  Bleh. 
    • Doctor appointment (come on progress!)
    • Get the carseat bases loaded into cars and installed.  
      I'll red out each thing I actually get accomplished.  Maybe you all checking in on me will make me overly motivated to get this stuff done :)

      Accomplished Everything!


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