Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1st

Our first month of our new year is gone.  Isn't it crazy how time flies?  So February 1st brings up a whole slew of things for me to think about.  Here's some that may pertain to you:
  • New Year's Resolutions (or in our case, goals).  How are those going for you?  Us, well, let's just say we've done a whole lot of 'catching up' on our Bible plan and very little every day reading, not to mention I did not take one picture... I'm not kidding, not one, of Bryton in the month of January, which of course means I need to get on it with Aaron and I as well.  (Get ready, babe.  I'm tired of having no pictures with just us in them.)  Dates went well in January, Aaron doesn't know it yet but we're going to discuss dates tonight for the upcoming month  I'm wanting 2011 to be a year where our marriage gains some much needed romance (even with kids) and fun! :)  So my short term goal is to get through February doing more Bible reading on the day we are supposed to and less catching up, and taking lots more pictures this month.  (Bryton, on the other hand, is doing awesome with his yearly goals.  I set my aspirations too low, with help he can already count to ten and he's starting to get his colors down.  I'm going to have to revamp his goals for the year... we still have 11 months left.)
  • Valentine's day is just. around. the. corner.  Aaron and I usually decide if we want to 'do something' or 'get something' with our Valentine's day budget.  This year we've basically decided to 'do something,' but to get something small (we each have a $10 limit) to actually give to each other on Valentine's Day.  (Since it's on a Monday this year, we obviously won't be spending the day out on Monday, so we have to celebrate somehow on Valentine's day ;)  A $10 limit means you have to be creative with the 'gift'.  I love being able to be sentimental and mushy occasionally, and although some people are anti-Valentine's day, I embrace any day that honors love, so my $10 gift is about $5 spent so far and I've used my creativity to stretch it that far.  We'll see how the rest goes ;)  I'd love to hear all of your frugal Valentine's day ideas!  
And here's one that probably doesn't apply to you:
  • Holy cow, our daughter will be here very soon!  I'm not even sure how to look at it at this point.  With Bryton, whose due date was November 18th (originally November 23rd), I was hoping for early, but I never expected him to be over 2 weeks early!  So now, I don't know what to expect with Ms. Ansley.  I even asked the dr. about it who basically said the same thing.  We have to be prepared for her to come early, being my history, but there's no guarantee she won't make it 40 weeks.  (Which an induction has already been mentioned for week 39 so that is encouraging. :)  So that being said, it is quite possible our daughter may appear within this month at some point.  (I'm personally praying for February 28th.  I don't know why, I think it'd make a cool birthday.)  It's also possible, now, that everyday I could say, "a month from now I could be having a baby."  Craziness!  I'll be 35 weeks this Saturday.  Bryton was born in his 37th week.  Whew! 
So there you have it folks.  It's February, what's going on in your family?  

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