Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lots to Catch Up On

It's been a LONG time since I've blogged, namely because I was at camp for 7 days, 3 of which I had no internet connection, and, I'm not going to lie, after going without it that long I had only a small desire to get on dutifully.  So I kind of took the week off.  It was nice and much needed!
Camp was good.  I can only speak from the perspective of the girl's, since I was, indeed, a female chaperone and not a male chaperone ;)  I must say, I think I had great talks with every girl that went.  I thoroughly enjoy them not only on a 'youth minister's wife' level, but even on a friend level.  Those girls are each near and dear to my heart for several different reasons, and each one is very special to me.  I wouldn't trade the time I was able to spend with them this week!
It has to be said, though, I must be getting old, because I was exhausted when I got home!  Whew, maybe it was all of those hills to climb, or staying up late, or getting up early, or who knows, maybe even pregnancy that had me so tired.  But I was, and still am a little, tiiiiired! 
I bet one phrase stuck out to you there, huh?  According to my pregnancy test this morning I am pregnant.  I actually have thought I was for some time, which is weird, because I never felt that with Bryton.  This time I've had several pulling and stretching sensations like I had with him between 10 - 15 weeks and forward.  I've also been unusually tired, and my clothes haven't been fitting right, which scares me to be honest.  It's a little early for that problem.  Don't get me wrong, I'd take these symptoms any day over vomiting and nauseousness! 
Still yet, though, taking the pregnancy test this morning, as much as I was expecting it, I had to make myself walk away from it and go pick out my clothes and come back in to reevaluate.  Finding out you are pregnant is the craziest thing ever.  I remember it with Bryton, too.  You don't completely feel like anything is going on with your body, and taking a test and it coming back positive makes you want more 'hard evidence'. 
With Bryton I used the tests that say "pregnant" and "not pregnant."  I should have done that again, because, apparently, in my head, a little plus sign is questionable.  I guess it'll be more real to me when I can hear a heartbeat at some point.  Being I'm only about 4 weeks in I've got a ways to go before that happens.   See it's even weird writing about this.  A good weird, none-the-less, but a hard to believe weird. 
So that being said, everyone keeps asking me what I want... a boy or a girl, and honestly I really have no preference at all this time.  With Bryton I wanted a boy, and I wanted a girl after him.  Now, I don't really care.  If it's a boy they'll be close enough to be friendly, if it's a girl I can dress her up and have that 'girl' time I'd never get with two boys.  Either way I'm totally content.  I just pray for a healthy baby.  I'm already petitioning the Lord for this baby's salvation, just as I did for, and still continue to do for Bryton. 
We're excited, and I'm already hitting up the baby name books ;)  Trying not to jump the gun too much, ready to get through this first trimester! (But not hurrying it... going to enjoy this pregnancy!)

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