Sunday, July 11, 2010

An Impression vs. An Impact

I've been meaning to blog this since camp, but for some reason I've stared blankly at my computer screen several times and have forgotten all about it.  It's time it comes out.
At youth camp the worship leader, in speaking with us youth workers, told us, "I'm hoping we have the opportunity to make an impression on the kids this week, but it will be you guys that make the impact."  This got me thinking on a whole other level than what he intended it.  He was implying that he would make very shallow relationships with the kids for a week of their lives, and he would go on to his life and they would go on to theirs.  'We', being the youth workers, would go home to continue ministering to these kids, speaking into their lives, and loving them like Jesus.
And that's where I got thinking.  Still yet, Aaron and I are lucky to really get to spend 2.5 - 3.5 hours during an average week speaking into the lives of students.  The rest of the time they are at home or at school. 
That's where Bryton popped into my head. 
I pray fervently that God would save him, that He would place within B a desire for God that is unavoidable, the Bryton would find Him quickly, and would love Jesus all of the days of his life.  
I pray that there are many spiritual influences in his life;  Sunday school teachers, friends, our friends, children's ministry leaders (praying for one of those), family, etc.  I want Bryton to have these people who will make an impression on him.  Ultimately though, we are responsible for making the 'impact' on him.  We are responsible for walking the walk, not just talking the talk.  We are responsible for daily family Bible studies.  We are responsible for praying with him, for sharing our stories, for being transparent, and for loving Jesus in such a way that there is no way that Bryton (and his sibling) can't see it. 
It's us, his parents, that will make the impact.  It's God that does the work. 
I continue to pray for the salvation of both of my babies, and my desire is that when they are 18 I have few regrets that I, spiritually, could have done more. 
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