Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Little Vent About Insurance to Ease the Stress

I'm understanding now why insurance companies do so well.  We pay astronomical premiums to rarely use the service, they bank the cash, make some pretty interest on it, and then pay much cheaper cost for the medical procedures than we actually do.
We've paid $150 a month extra on our health insurance since Bryton was born for maternity coverage.  So, in theory I've paid then approx. $3000 since B has been born.  Still out of pocket, after the birth of this baby, we could owe somewhere around $6500 between deductibles, coinsurance, and a nice little "extra" $1000 they tacked on the beginning of this year for labor and delivery (on top of coinsurance and the regular deductible.)  If I was paying what the insurance company is paying for these services, I may have been out a similar cost to not have had insurance, plus I could have invested the money myself.  (That is, if all is well this pregnancy.)
Don't get me wrong, health insurance definitely has it's place when things go really bad, but think of how much those companies are making off of basically healthy people like you and I who don't file claims very often.
Please don't misunderstand me.  I'm thoroughly excited to be pregnant and would pay 4 times more than that for a precious addition to the family... (and would do it again and again as well).  I just think there are problems in the system somewhere.  

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