Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, there's not been a whole lot on the couponing front with vacation and all, but there is still plenty going on. With a whole week (an unexpected week I should add) away from the computer, I guess I should fill everyone in on our vacation. So let's see:
We left on Thursday night to go to Aaron's parent's house in STL. Aaron was golfing in Waterloo so I picked him up on the way.
We weren't leaving until Saturday so we took Bryton to the zoo for his first trip on Friday. We went early to get into the children's zoo free (it's free from 8:00 - 9:00!, beats $8 for Aaron and I to be able to take Bryton in!). He loved the goats! In fact, I think this may have almost been his favorite part of the day because he could get up close and pet them. The rest of the day he was really odd, quiet, almost in awe. He didn't say much, but pointed from time to time. It was fun watching him check it all out!
Saturday we left for vacation. I was nervous to say the least. Bryton does NOT sleep in the car and he does NOT enjoy the car. He hasn't enjoyed the car since about 6 months or so. Now that he's mobile he just wants out. So, four hours in the car did NOT sound exciting. I had a stockpile of toys in his floorboard that I could hand him, Easter eggs filled with cheerios and raisins (one of the best tricks in our book, he loves shaking them and opening them to see whats inside... huge time burner!), and his blanket and lovey (one can wish, right?). Believe it or not, he did great on the way there! I was ecstatic. No nap, but beggers can't be choosers. We got checked in at the condo and took Bryton down, after a short nap, to the pool.
The pool with a 19 month old is interesting. Last year in August we stuck him in a baby ring, pulled him around the pool and he looooved it. Now, Mr. Mobility isn't happy in a swing, and if he can touch at all (baby pool), he wants off on his own. It was a fight from A - Z. We finally figured out we are better off in the big pool holding him.
Overall vacation was relaxing, swimming, shuffleboard, an attempt at horseshoes, some light shopping, miniature golfing, virgin strawberry daquiris, etc, BUT, Aaron and I took one day to do the ziplines at Branson Zipline. In fact, we just did one, the blue streak. AMAZING! 2000 feet on a zipline that was running, on that particular day, as fast as it would run, then a 70 foot free fall off of the tower. Amazing. I love doing things I've not done before, and this was exhilerating. We had a great time!
The ride home was not near as good as the ride there, but we made it, and we're finally back into a routine, I think.
That is, until the end of the month when Bryton stays with Gammy for a week while we are at camp. I'm totally bummed to leave him for a week. That's coming quick! June is a crazy month!

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are definitely more brave than me! :) I wasn't even brave enough to try the zipline at the school in Kenya, and it was MAYBE 20 feet off the ground, haha. But so glad you guys had a good time.
    Don't know if you do blog awards, but I awarded you in my last post. :)