Thursday, June 10, 2010

The "basement"

Which really is in reference to 'the baby' if you are one of the youth girls.  It's a long story, really, but let's just say that the finishing of our basement and the birth of baby number 2 come in one package ;) 
Anyway, I've been waiting since January, anticipating the coming of summer to start working on baby number 2.  I've subscribed back to many of my pregnancy sites, read tons of info on conceiving, and if I'm honest, stressed a little about the 'what if' that I don't get pregnant quickly, or even worse, at all. 
See, I'm going about this WAY differently than I did last time.  Last time Aaron and I decided to be pretty hush hush about 'trying' to begin with.  I didn't want people constantly asking, in the event that it did take forever.  Then, when we got pregnant (which didn't take long), I'd heard sooooo many stories of miscarriage on the road that aside from very close friends and family we told no one until I was almost completely through my first trimester.  I dreaded the idea of having to tell all of those supportive friends that we had lost a baby, that my body had failed. 
I don't know what is so different this time.  Maybe it's that I've been so vocal about wanting another for so long.  Maybe it's the comfort level of those around me.  Maybe I'm too overly confident that all will go well this time since it did the first time.  And honestly, the last one scares me the most. 
But all in all, it's summer, and we're preparing to hopefully give B a brother or sister somewhere around this time next year. 
So currently we're praying for God's will, a healthy baby, an easy pregnancy (minus platelet issues), and quick conception.  (Anytime in the next 5 months would fit my agenda perfectly.  Notice I said 'my' agenda... we'll see what God has in store.) 
So, that's where we are right now on that front.  Oh yeah, and I guess we better get to work on the basement ;)

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