Monday, June 14, 2010

A couponing blog

It's time again for another couponing blog.  I'll try to keep it fairly short, so here is a short synopsis of today's deals:

1 Gallon of Bottled Water
1 Gallon Apple Juice
3 Totinos Pizzas
Green Giant Steamers Veggies
1 box Stick Butter
1 Banquet fruit pie
1 Box super pretzels (soft ones, yum)
1 Pint Starbucks Ice Cream
2 Pounds of Chuck Steak
1 box barilla pasta
1 box ronzoni pasta
2 Gerber Toddler Entrees
2 Jello Banana Puddings
Wheat Thin Crackers
Triscuit crackers
6 Reach toothbrushes
1 Can pineapple (in juice)
2 cans manderin oranges (in juice)
2 Pounds of bananas

Total before coupons and sales:
Kroger Plus Savings:
MFG Coupons + matchups:

TOTAL:  $29.54

2 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauces
1 Hunts Ketchup
1 new Chipolte Mayo


Walgreens:  (not near as good as I wanted, they were out of EVERYTHING I went for, except:)
Schick Hydro 5 Razor
Total $3.16
Received $4 in register rewards.  Free + overage!

Also at walmart I purchased my soft sleeves for baseball cards, that I'll be using to reorganize my coupons.  More on that later!


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