Monday, January 10, 2011

So Remember the Wrapping Paper...

that I used to create Ansley's bow holder?  Well, it got it's double use today :) 

Let me introduce you to our new Ikea dressers, a his and hers, both in white, for Bryton and Ansley's room.  This is Ansley's dresser :) 

Now let me put a quick plug in for Ikea... we love Ikea.  It offers modern furniture at a very affordable price (because you pick up everything in the store yourself and then assemble it all when you get home).  It isn't your solid wood, last forever kind of furniture, but really, what do you expect at this price.  We got both dressers for their bedroom, new, for $140!  Can't beat that!

That being said, there was one problem with these particular dressers.  (That we dauntingly picked out.  We wanted something with big drawers, lots of space, and high enough to be a changing table.)
What's the problem?

 This is the problem.  The front panels of the drawers are frosted, but are definitely see through.  I stuck some of Ansley's clothes in there so you could see what I meant. 

Luckily, I found out about this problem when we were deciding on the furniture, not after we bought it.  Then, when I developed my way to 'fix' this problem, the problem itself actually sold me on the dressers, because Bryton could have 'his' dresser and Ansley could have 'hers.' 

Here's where the wrapping paper comes in.  So I had this nice green argyle wrapping paper literally for almost two years now.  The rolls are so big that I'm trying to get rid of them.  AND, I have just bought the same kind of wrapping paper for Miss Ansley in a nice paisley pink and green on white print. 

I took some cardboard (from the boxes our dressers came in), cut it in the size of the panels in the dressers, inserted and secured with double sided tape.  (Makes for a quick 'upgrade' down the road!)

The results?



So what do you think?  Like the transformation?  (BTW - we don't hang wall hangings that low, the dressers are just that high!  Changing Bryton is going to be a feat for me until Ansley gets here!


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