Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And a New Year Turns...

Whew!  Finally through the holidays.  Not that I was rushing anything... I typically enjoy them, but they just seemed really cram packed with stuff this year!

So let's catch up to speed.  2011 is here, which of course brings in all of the New Year's Resolutions.  Be looking for a blog from me soon for the goals the Gregg family has set forth this year!  (Goals seem much more attainable... I feel like I have a year to succeed, not a one time mess up and you're done for another year kind of thing.)
But for now let's just mention a few things you can be expecting to see on the blog in the coming year:

  • A lot more deals and couponing information / tips.  
  • The typical family updates / faith updates this year.  (We should have a lot of both with a new baby being born in just a couple months!
  • You may see this not so crafty individual attempt some craftiness.  You'll want to check out those successes and failures.  May just be good for laughs! 
  • Menu planning / meal ideas.  I'll spill one of the new years goals early:  we're trying to get in shape and eat right this year... which should bring some interesting ideas to my menu planning.  
  • Thoughts on random subjects / current events.  You know I can't resist some of them. 
So don't miss out this year!  Lots of good stuff coming your way, and I'm looking forward to writing them myself :)  

Resolutions errr, goals posted tomorrow :) 


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