Friday, January 7, 2011

My First Crafty Adventure - Bow Hanger

Okay - so this may not be considered to be 'crafty', but it was a good step in the right direction.  I have another project in mind for today that may be more 'crafty,' but a friend of mine said since I used a hot glue gun it totally counts as 'crafty,' so I'm going with that :)

Okay, I'm trying to get all of this 'I'm having a girl' stuff down, which makes me think of how different it's going to be to dress her and get her ready than it is with Bryton.  That made me think of bows, and then I immediately thought to myself, "Where in the world am I going to put all of her bows?"  So - that's what I decided to make my first project.  I've found a lot of cute ones and actually had an idea to make a little dress to hang the bows on ribbons on her skirt, but I found some wrapping paper that I'm hopefully going to use for another project and decided to use that to kill two birds with one stone.  Yes.  Wrapping paper.  So, here's how it all worked out:

I bought the wrapping paper (for the other project, hope to post that later on), some foam board, and two spools of ribbon that matched my wrapping paper.  I then cut my foam board into two equal sized rectangles.  

I then wrapped each rectangles with the wrapping paper.  I actually used double faced tape and regular scotch tape to give the wrapping paper (which was very thick) extra security.  Each rectangle looked like this:

I then cut my ribbon to be just longer than the width of my foam board.  I chose how many ribbons I wanted for each board and laid them out how I wanted them spaced.  I then glued each ribbon down with my (new) hot glue gun! (Pictured on left ;))

I then pulled the ribbon around the front of the board and secured each end to the back side, allowing the ribbon to be just loose enough to clip hairbows on :)
Here is the finished project (well, one of two).  The picture came out a little 'yellow' because of the lighting in our kitchen.  My goal is to get these hung on her wall so you can see them in 'functional order.'  

So not too bad for my first attempt, I believe it was a success.  We'll see how the next one turns out :)


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