Monday, January 24, 2011


They say after you have one child you wonder how you could love another as much.  I'll be honest, I've never wondered that, but it's only because I couldn't imagine before Bryton was born how much I could possibly love him, and I expect my love for Ansley to be the same way.

I do, however, want to remember vividly each little detail of themselves as they grow.  And as Ansley's birth is upon us... and we're getting ready to watch her grow before our very eyes (along with Bryton), I wanted to write down a little something, a reminder, of Bryton's early time with us. 

There's something special about seeing your first baby (and every baby for that matter) face to face. 

To my handsome baby boy:

It was 1:15 when I saw your face,
The face I'd known but had never seen,
The pudgy cheeks with the baby blues,
With your momma's nose in the in between,
And that early morn with your first breath
When you looked into my eyes
It's when I realized

Those eyes would melt this momma's heart
for years and years to come
Those cheeks would be my target
for the kissing to be done
And besides your dad you would grow to be the most handsome man I'd ever seen,
And I'd forever cherish November third at an early 1:15. 

The first month passed in just a blink,
As you changed before our eyes,
Your dark brown hair was turning blonde
Your needs coming out in cries
And at 1:15 as you cried out
for mom to rescue you,
That's when I knew

Those cries would wrench this mother's heart
through all the years ahead
That blonde hair would get the final rub
when I put you down for bed
And as the moon and I sat up with you during the tired nights we'd seen,
I'd forever cherish the baby boy who needed me at 1:15.

And as one year would turn to two
The clock turning the days upon,
I see my baby turn to boy
A precious, handsome son
And as those early 1:15's now pass by with sleep and rest,
I know I'm blessed

To know that passing time would only deepen the
love I hold inside,
That time would grow into a man
What was once this little child,
And to know that all the laughs and grins and tears we'd share from here and in-between
Means I'll never forget that first glimpse of you at early 1:15. 

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