Monday, January 17, 2011

A Blog About our First Born Baby

It's been a long time since I've done a Bryton update, so we're far past due time. 
Here we go:
Bryton is about 26 1/2 months old now, doing wonderfully.  I know I've said this before, but I really believe he learns something, or multiple things, new everyday.  His vocabulary is forever expanding, and Aaron and I often times find ourselves amazed at the things he says like, 'how did he know that?"
Among his favorite words; cookie, ball, basketball (still), drum, football, Mickey Mouse, books, and apple juice.  Sucker has also made the list, as well as 'big truck'.  Of course, these are the words we hear most often, I'm shocked at all of the words and mini-sentences he's tossing around now.  Especially being that he's making connections amongst things to make these sentences.  It's really fun for us to watch him grow!
I guess we've somewhat hit on some of his favorite things with the words, but he is definitely all boy.  He asks for one of two or three things when the television is on (which is still fairly rarely during the normal week), but he asks for "Mickey Mouse" first, football second, and occasionally he'll ask to watch hockey or basketball.  It blows my mind.  That's what I get for already having two males in the house :)
He loves to jump and play sports, we've moved his child's basketball goal up to the highest position and he's still making baskets like crazy.  Not sure where we can go from here... guess he'll start learning to shoot a big boy goal soon.  He's also loving books and letters right now.  He goes around attempting to sing his ABC's all the time.  Believe it or not, he does best on the "LMNOP" part.  Shouldn't that be the most difficult part for him to get?  One would think.  But he loves music and we have heard him singing this particular tune over and over again, the tune to twinkle twinkle little star, and we wondered where in the world he learned that because it wasn't a song we'd ever sang to him.  Turns out, the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same tune.  Who would of thought?  Maybe I'm the only one on the planet who didn't know this, but I learned something new myself.
Drums are his major infatuation right now, which is funny.  He got one from his grandparents for Christmas that he hardly plays with, but Lord forbid we be at the church or driving by the church, or talking about church, and his first word is "Jee Jee" (also coming out occasionally now as "Jesus"), but his immediate second word is drum.  Mom and dad may be investing in a small electronic drum set for Christmas or birthday this year to feed that little desire in a way that is manageable :) 

So all in all, B is great.  We attempted the potty training thing once, and backed off.  We may try it again after Ansley gets here and let him try a different route.

Can't say enough how much I love and am thankful for this little boy in my life!


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  1. My little dude is turning two tomorrow! I can't believe how quick the time goes. Ah! I hear you on potty training. We're trying not to push it, but boy howdy am I ready!