Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall and I are Like Peas and Carrots

September is right around the corner.  It makes me giddy inside.  I have this fetish with fall.  It's the relief of smoldering heat and the welcoming of a nice pair of old jeans.  It's Friday night football games, hanging out on our front porch, making apples a part of every meal, eating hearty food, carving pumpkins, and dressing up for Halloween. 
As I've grown older the feelings get stronger.  When I was in High School, Friday was my absolute favorite day of the fall week, football season in full swing, wearing jerseys, painting faces.  Yeah, Mindy Piper and I had some good times preparing for those football games.  And did I mention a good pair of jeans? 
The fall reminds me of our just getting married, too.  Granted, our wedding fell in Summer, but fall was just around the corner, and I have memories of coming home after work on Aaron's days off with the house clean, dinner in the oven, and the house smelling of warm apple pie from our tart warmer.  Windows were open, house was cool, perfect for cuddling up in a blanket with the hubbs after a long day.  I've never been more attracted to him in all my life, I do believe.
Fast forward some to last year, and now for that matter.  Kids make every season better.  Always.  (Okay, maybe not flu season, but cut me some slack.)  It seems like Aaron and I spend the whole summer trying to find unique things to do as a family.  It's either too hot to be just hanging out outside or it's too hot for anyone to plan anything outside.  I'm so completely stoked to get Bryton out to the apple orchard this year (apples are his favorite food group, I'm pretty sure... and probably his best pronounced word after daddy and momma), to the football games, to the pumpkin patch, and just outside to play like a normal kid!  Can you say corn mazes, apple cider, pumpkin carving and fun!  I can! 
I'm already in the works of planning our Halloween.  I have one of those awesome husbands that will dress up as a family for our trunk or treat, so the goal is to go as Shrek, Fiona, and Puss in Boots (or Donkey).  I'm totally stoked about this if you can't tell! 
And then Bryton's birthday follows right after that! 
Then, right around the corner is Christmas.... ahhhh.  It doesn't get much better! 
My jeans are all clean and in the closet waiting patiently (though few of them may be worn this year without the help of a hair-tie, it may be maternity jeans all the way.)  I've been collecting some good hearty fall recipes for going on three or four weeks now.  I'm already envisioning being able to hang out on our front porch.  And ah, a good sweatshirt is in my near future. 
SN@C this time of year always moves things along for me.  The first week is always hot and summer like, but by the time week 4 moves into view, we're getting a nice wonderful break in the weather. 
Here's to reds and yellows,  browns and orange, warm apple cider, kettle corn, a brisk breeze, and hello to the greatest season of them all!

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