Monday, August 23, 2010

Chronicles From the Road: Best Seasoned State

Virginia.  Hand's down.  We were there often, at least it seemed like, and besides Arkansas, it was my least favorite state to drive in and out of, especially when driving into it from the West.  (From the south wasn't too bad.)  For this girl that doesn't get carsick, I finally learned to keep some dramamine on hand for the rides in and through the mountains. 
But, the ride was beautiful.  And not just occasionally, always.  We reveled every time we drove through the area because we knew we had seen it before, but every time it took our breaths away.  I'm not even a huge mountain fan, I'm an ocean fan, but wow. 
We rode through those mountains during every season.  Summer was gorgeous and green, and we drove over bridges with sparkling water, and you could see little villages on the mountainsides.  But fall was enchanting, the trees made the moutainsides look like they were on fire, it was absolutely gorgeous.  The 'crisp' in the air made fall in VA oh so wonderful. 
And then there was winter, everything snowed and iced over made the hillsides glisten.  The little villages were all lit up and looked warm and cozy in the midst of the cold. 
And then spring, all of the trees starting to bud again, flowers like crazy.  The state was just beautiful... and friendly.
We liked Virginia!

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