Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Keep On

The journey is hard -
The road, it seems long -
There are mountains between
here and your home
And when you feel
You've no steam to keep on,
Keep on, dear friend,
Look up and keep on.

Life has turned gray -
You want to turn back,
The sky to your front
seems nothing but black,
And life has you beaten,
You can't seem to hold on,
Hold on, my dear friend,
Hold Him and hold on. 

And when the time of surrender
Is beckoning in -
You can't seem to hold on
Or keep on, my friend -
The mountain, too large,
The wind is too strong,
Pray on, dear friend -
Praise God and pray on.

When you've tired of climbing,
Your energy sparse,
Remember, my friend,
You are close to our hearts,
And we'll climb that mountain,
Together, trudge on,
Take my hand, my dear friend,
Take the hand and trudge on. 

The world will tell us
The mountain's too tough
Back off, come down, you've suffered enough
But on top of that mountain is Calvary's cross,
And over that hill is rest for the lost
And rest for the one who has just lost his way,
Keep on, hold on, pray, dear friend, pray.

Because the mountain's not easy
It hurts and it's hard
But God moves us over them,
through them,
around them,
or maybe he just moves them.

But whatever your mountain,
You're not at it alone,
God brings you through them,
And nearer to home,
And along the way,
He'll give some hands to hold on,
And some mouths to say
Keep on, hold on, pray, and trudge on. 

It's worth it, dear friend,
Don't turn your back now,
Raise your head high,
And carry it out!
Onward towards mountains
It's the narrow path through,
Keep on, dear friend,
For we'll keep on with you. 

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