Monday, February 1, 2010

A Million Miles...

This is almost a pre-book review. So I just picked up "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller. I appreciate Miller for several reasons. What I've read of his before, I find a great deal of honesty and a very easy read. (Exactly the opposite of the reason I love Lewis, not the honesty part, but the easy read part. Lewis stretches the expanses of my brain trying to wrap my head around it.) Anyway. Another reason I like Miller, I like it raw. I like searching through the sand to find the proverbial hidden treasures. I like seeing another person's "faith-walk", understanding that it is a walk, we all come at this from different angles, and appreciating their journey despite my agreeing and disagreeing with different aspects. I love the honesty.
Moving on. (I know, I'm rambling). In a nutshell, the book appears to be like this (remember, this is almost a pre-book review), Miller was approached to have a movie made about his life after having written Blue Like Jazz. In meeting with the writers / cinematographers, etc, Miller found that his life must be 'edited' to take out all of the boring and to make sure all of the random events had a plot, a story, a purpose. It was at that moment that Miller realized that his life was indeed a series of boring random events, with no plot, that, really, had no purpose. So, the book is about taking charge of those events, to give them purpose and life, making our lives good stories. After all, we only get one and it ends the same way for all of us.
I was asked today by a group of fourth graders about what I was reading and what it was about. It was fun and interesting trying to explain it to them.
I'll be sure to keep you posted while I read. So far, I'm impressed and enjoying the digging that goes along with it.
At this point my biggest fear is that I'll be continually reminded that my life my not be "going" anywhere. But, that's a good wake up call. The only way to change something is to be confronted with it... and I look forward to that!

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