Sunday, February 21, 2010

The First Memory

Ok, so I'm on this whole story kick with the Donald Miller book I'm reading. One of the stats that stuck with me through the book is how little of our lives we actually remember. So here it is... Kindergarten - 12th grade and the first memory I recollect of them all:

Kindergarten - The girl scout troop I was in took a train ride to Murphysboro, went to McDonalds, and rode the train back. I got to the station and was too scared to go, so I missed out. Monday at school a girl (who later became one of my best friends ;) ) had her toy out from her happy meal and when I asked to see it she said, "No, you should have gone with us." Two lessons: 1. Don't let fear keep you from doing something you want to do. 2. Happy Meal toys are sacred things and great bargaining tools.

1st Grade - I had headaches, a lot, so I took a lot of medicine at school for them. My teacher always had a big ole cup of lemon water that she drank all day, and one day she let me drink out of her lemon water to take my pills. I thought that was so cool then. Now I think it's kind of gross :)

2nd Grade - Full of memories. In short... I had the greatest teacher ever and missed the most amount of school ever due to sinus surgery (to try to fix the headaches) and tons of sickness. I did win a contest to go out to Pizza Hut with the teacher for lunch because I read the most book - it books. 241 to be exact... all chapter books :) Yep, I was that kid.

3rd Grade - McKinley School. Flooded basements and lunch in the library. 3 things to mention about 3rd grade: 1.) My mom brought Geiger's cupcakes to school for my birthday. Mrs. Rhoades asked if I knew what they did with cake at weddings. I said "no", so she showed me. :) Cake EVERYWHERE! 2.) I was a 50's girl with a poodle skirt for Halloween. Mom worked on that costume forever. I don't know if I remember it most because my mom stuffed my bra or because it was the one time in my life I wasn't a hippy or a clown. 3.) My first "training bra" was introduced and during the jump rope for heart event I was hit in the chest with a jump rope and the front snap quite noticeably popped open. Embarrassing.

4th Grade - Mrs. Woosley's class was the best class ever. Fun Friday's kept my life interesting. Cole and I dominated the learning games in the morning, we all watched movies in the afternoon and ate Mark's bakery candy that we bought during lunch. Oh, and we had store. Oh yeah, it was awesome. And Johnny Million feel out of his desk one day and said, "How does someone fall out of a stationary chair." We thought it was hilarious.

5th Grade - Big year for me, diagnosis of migraines, meds to prevent and treat, and treatments of biofeedback.

6th Grade - Got a C on my first test ever, and I've never been the same. Geometry in Ms. Ginn's class kicked my rear.

7th Grade - Started with my first "real" boyfriend. We actually saw each other outside of school haha. Casey moved... was heartbroken :(

8th Grade - Found Jesus right after 8th grade year! Shawn File's first class ever, yearbook club, voted friendliest of the 8th grade class, finally felt like I was making good friends in my life.

Freshman Year - A girl's freshman year goes down in history. New freedoms, football games, wearing jerseys (one of my favorite parts), going out in cars with friends. Went on my first mission trip!

Sophomore Year - Another big year, got my license and my step-dad became my real dad through adoption. Felt like I'd never be wanted by anyone since my real dad gave me up so easily. God and great friends brought me through.

Junior Year - I'd be lying if I didn't say it. Huge break-up in my relational life. Left me heartbroken and wondering where God was. It was hard, and I ran for a little while, but He's faithful to bring us back.

Senior Year - Fell intimately in love with Jesus at World Changers before my senior year. Was so excited about Him that I talked about Him a lot, and lost a lot of friends for it. Have never been the same since. Found satisfaction in Jesus aside from friends, boyfriends, stuff, grades (missed co-salutatorian by thaaaaat much). He really was enough. When He became enough, God began giving back more.

So there it is - most remembered memories of my school life. I love memories... if they are good we enjoy their presence, if they are bad they give us some lesson to learn. They are beneficial. Sometimes painful. Sometimes joyful. But all part of our stories.

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