Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Way Kids are Good For Me

We've vowed (or, I've vowed for us) to get our rears off the couch and do something, as a family, as often as we can. This weekend we went to the Magic House in St. Louis. Here are some pictures:

B going down the slide at Jack and the Beanstalk.

B playing at the sand table.

Here's a family pic of us at the Magic house.

So, the experience was great. B was well behaved, he had a great time, and we did as well! It was nice to be there together as a family! Of course, though, I did not escape without a lesson learned. (Which is not a bad thing, but being a parent has taught me many, good and rewarding lessons about life.)
Lesson number 4,238 (since becoming a parent): Slow down.
Going into museums, or zoos, or amusement parks, or, well, just life in general, I am a "get'er doner" (I hate that phrase, but it fits here). I get in and get out... I do what there is to do and I check it off my list. I take my time enough to enjoy what I can, but I choose to experience a little bit of everything as opposed to a lot of something. In enters toddler and my experience changes drastically. B walks in and wants to take everything in... bubbles, amazing... balls, I'm never leaving, water... this is great. Things that would normally catch a glance of my eye absolutely intrigue and dazzle him. And, finally, God has slowed me down... and I enjoy it. I enjoy how much my son enjoys bubbles. I enjoy how much my son enjoys climbing a slide. The fact that we spent 3 hours, completely entertained, by a children's museum at the age of 15 months is amazing to me. He never fussed, never seemed bored, and there were still many things we couldn't do. I saw, and will probably remember, more about that museum because we went through it at a 15 month old pace as opposed to a 25 year old list maker's pace.
Thanks Bryton. You've already taught me more than you'll ever know. Love ya, Bubba.

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