Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being Domestic

Okay, it's time I make a confession. Deep in my being I have this desire to be a soccer mom. You know, the well groomed, well kept, fun mom who does spontaneous things with her kids to teach them and enjoy life with them. I have this desire to fix fun food and keep the house kept up, all while chasing my kids around the house and making mud pies with them outside. I want to be a hard worker, but still be enjoyable, to have the energy left to play with and enjoy my family. I want to be a blessing to my husband, lifting him up and encouraging him. I want my kids to know how much I love their daddy. I want to be the parents that packs the kids up for a road trip completely randomly, hitting the highway with an hours notice.
I want to work out.
Be a good steward of our funds.
Be a mom that my kids trust, respect, love, and enjoy.
Be a wife that my husband can say he's lucky to have. To be beautiful to him, both in appearance and deed.
I want to be a spiritual guide and mentor to my kids. For Jesus to be something they don't hear about, but that they experience in my life.
I want to make fun cakes for no reason.
I want to go to the park just because.
I want to go on long walks.
To play in the snow.
To swim with, play with, and cheer on.
So maybe it's not just soccer mom... maybe it's soccer mom meets Proverbs 31 woman.
That's what I want. This is what I aspire for... though making allowance for my faults.
I've thought about it a lot lately, and though I desire to contribute to my family financially, I also desire to have great quality time with my kids until they are in school. So until then... I'll work part time and bless my family now. Value is much more than money. I wish I could get that through my head.


  1. That was wonderfully written. I aspire many of the same things and have been thinking about them a lot recently, as David and I start our family.

  2. so so often i think of how happy and perfectly content i would be to stay home, get groceries, clean the house, do the laundry, and take care of babies. and then i also think of how much fun it would be to go get my master's in ed psych and be a guidance counselor...and i wonder how to do both!

  3. For the first 5 years of our oldest boys life, we lived in a 2 bedroom tar-paper love shack with no interior doors on any room, a curtain hung in the bathroom doorway, only 1 overhead light fixture in the whole house, we had to have our water hauled. I had a 3 foot kitchen counter and my washer and dryer were in our small bathroom with no shower. I look back on those days with all we've been blessed with today, and I wouldn't change those years in the Luv Shack for anything! Poor is a state of mind!