Thursday, December 10, 2009

So I Was Watching TCT

Mark this day on your calendar, folks, you may never see a title like this ever again!
So let me clarify, I was flipping through our 20 channels tonight and noticed that TCT didn't look like TCT normally does (you know, preacher hair, a bluegrass band, and lots of happy congregants). Nope, this time it was a woman standing in a kitchen talking about the practical side of Christmas stuff. You know, how to throw a good, easy, informal party, how to pack and ship perishable items (I actually found that to be good information, though I've never packed and shipped Banana Bread before), and how to shop for baskets through the year, wash them out, and use them to make great Christmas baskets as inexpensive gifts.
After my shock that TCT was actually addressing practical life occurences wore off, I began thinking about what she was saying about her basket thing. And it started a whole train of thoughts... it went kind of like this...
She said: "And you don't just have to do this at Christmas time either, if you have a sick friend pack the basket full of soup, cough drops, medicines and hot herbal teas. Maybe even a crossword for laying in bed."
And here is my train of thoughts:
Why didn't I think of that?
Why do we just do things like that at Christmas?
I'm sick, and that totally would have made my day!
It would have been so convenient to have things delivered to my door.
Practical things!
But it would have been even better to know that someone cared and thought that much of me!
That, in and of itself, would have made me feel better!
Why don't I ever do this for anyone else?
Why is this not part of our Christian experiences?
I mean, it makes us feel good too!
And it shows people that we really do love them!
Maybe I should start doing this... really trying to heed my opportunities!
And not just for my "good friends", but for people I just kind of know, and for people I don't really know, and maybe, yes maybe, I can even do it for my enemies.
Like the book Enemy Pie Mrs. Dublo read.
Maybe I should blog about that book. I was inspired.
Anyway, baskets.
They don't have to be baskets.
They can be gift bags.
Or flowers when someone is down.
Or a card in the mail.
You know, all depending on the circumstances.
Yep, I smell another new december's resolution.
Where's the laptop, I gotta blog...

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  1. I guess I missed this one the other day. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.