Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Tiger

Dear Tiger,
We’ve never met. You’ve never passed me on the street. Your eyes have never caught a glimpse of me. But I know much of you.
Odd isn’t it. You don’t know my name or face, but I know both about you, and so so much more.
Well, anyway. I wanted to tell you that I’m a sinner. Maybe I feel an obligation to do so. I mean, if we’re going to communicate on an even playing field, and I have been exposed to so much of your... lifestyle... I need to tell you, and remind myself, that we’re in this thing together. We’re both living life and fighting a common enemy... sin. I can be more specific with you regarding my sin at a... well... at a less public writing.
But you know... in saying that I realize how fortunate I am that I can make that decision, to be less public about my personal life, because you, Tiger, obviously don’t have that advantage. And to you, I’m sorry. When you’ve made poor decisions, it isn’t just your immediate family, or your employers, or even the media, it’s millions of people all over the world casting judgment and picking up stones. And you know, Tiger, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t bend over to pick one up myself.
I mean, seriously, I’m a female, so can obviously relate to your, may I mention, beautiful wife. And I’m married to a huge golf fan, and I work with youth who think you are made of gold. To say that the recent allegations are a let down is an understatement. I’m not going to condone your sin. What you have done is wrong. (And so is what I have done.)
But, on the same hand, I have sympathy for your situation. Sympathy for whatever has led you to this point in your life. Sympathy for the loss of your father. Sympathy that your family has fallen apart. But mostly, sympathy that your chances of reconciliation are much less than the average person. You have many more people in which to reconcile with. You have fans, and employers, and yourself. Not to mention your family, and most importantly, God. I have sympathy that the task at hand, even if you are repentant, is so large and so difficult.
Granted, sin always has consequences.
I’m not sure why I have sympathy. If my husband behaved as you have, I’d have more than stones in my hand... I’m sure I’d have divorce papers. Maybe it is because our eyes have never met, that our hands have never shook, that our paths have never crossed. Maybe it is because, to me, our only common ground is that of a spiritual concern, that we are both heading to the same place (despite our beliefs), and that, at death, we’ll both be judged accordingly. Maybe it is because I know in the big scheme of things, if you are, in your heart, repentant and saved, that we are both one in the same... Christians, saved by God’s dear grace. Your sin no greater than mine, both debtors, forgiven.
So Tiger, I just wanted to say this, I bent down to pick up those stones, and as these thoughts flooded my mind, I grabbed them quickly and hid them. I have no desire to be stoned today for my wrong-doings, and you’re catching enough off the cheek as it is, you don’t need anymore from my direction.
My prayers for you are repentance, healing, and salvation.

Alicia Gregg

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