Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peace in Response to Chaos

It's Christmas Eve. All of Scripture had led up to this morning. All of Creation had led and pointed to this time. The Savior of the world coming to Earth, the answer, the solution, to our sin problem.
And so the song says, "Silent night, Holy night, all is calm, all is bright... sleep in heavenly peace."
All of us who have had children know that nights, especially birthing nights, aren't silent, aren't calm, and aren't always peaceful. But with this birth came the prince of peace. With Jesus came the peace that surpasses understanding. Jesus was the peace that exists in response to chaos. A real baby, he had real baby characteristics. It had to be ironic to Mary when Jesus had a fussy night that He came as the Prince of Peace. That's incredible.
Christmas has never held the wonderment and emotion that it has this year. Christmas songs have, this year, brought tears. The Christmas story, brought joy and appreciation. I've found myself more in awe of God, more in awe of this baby Jesus, than I ever have before. Thank you, God for Christmas, for everything that it entails. For loving us with your strength, for guiding us with your light, and for accepting us in your grace. Oh precious baby Jesus.


  1. and also, when your basement gets wet, you have to think, "sarah, at least you're not giving birth in a barn." hahaha! (though we both know that at this point i would take that, lol.)

    this peace at christmas thing is something i haven't quite gotten down. it seems like as a woman there's always something to cook or clean, and if it goes off without a hitch, just wait a while and something will frustrate "the plan." but i always forget that nothing can frustrate God's plan.

  2. keep your head up girl... it'll happen and you won't HAVE to have birth in a barn... only if you want to ;) you know, to be more like Jesus or something :) I agree though... completely!