Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Head is Spinning

I'm making myself blog today.  

Sad, isn't it?

It's mostly because I've got this seemingly suffocating stress on my chest, and I know I'm not managing it well.  {Read: I'm not letting HIM manage it well...} So I'm hoping by getting it all out there I can breathe a little more easily... or just breathe... either would be good.  

May I just say... house buying may be worse than house hunting.  Seriously.  Sure - one indefinitely leads to the other, but the stress of a fifteen day option period, a bunk appraisal, a HUD home inspection, figuring out closing costs, etc etc etc, blanketed with the fun stressors {as I so lovingly call them}  of paint colors and room themes, etc... and I'm more than ready to get through the next six weeks or so.  More. Than. Ready.  Period.  

I really feel like I'm losing my hair.  Worry causes that right?  {And rest assured, I know I'm supposed to be handing this all over... I know that His will is supreme... I know that He's got it under control... yet I feel worry still... it's a head and heart thing, ya know?)  

On top of all of the house stuff comes the stress that I'm accomplishing no real goals right now. 

I have two partially written (think: 4 chapters or so of each) books just sitting on my computer's hard drive.  I need the motivation and the time to coincide to give me some peaceful moments to write my little heart out.  But I have very few moments alone lately.  And I try not to take more than I have to at this point in our lives.  

Needless to say - I'm a little overwhelmed.  I don't want to wish my life away... but I won't be sad when this house is closed... I won't.   

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